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English is fast becoming the global language of education, leading to a massive increase in demand for English editing services. Effective communication is paramount to progress, both personal and professional progress.

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Bangalore / Karnataka – 30th Oct 2012, Bangalore, India - In the 1630s the Czech pedagogue, Jan Comenius, put forward the view that language teaching should be based, not on grammatical rules, but on inductive principles, examples, illustrations, reading and speaking. He later became known as a teacher of nations and a father of modern education.

English is fast becoming the global language of education. The pressure to learn English is intense, infact, scholars face pressure to publish in English to reach the widest possible audience. Universities too are facing challenges in attracting the best international students and faculty, at the same time students wish to obtain an English language degree to be competitive in a globalized job market.

Universities with global footprint are compelled to adopt English as their language of teaching. For example, Italy’s leading university recently announced that it is switching all its degree courses to English rather than Italian. The globalization of English Language was the trigger.

Ms. Savitha Reddy, Director of Inlingua Bangalore, says, “The Inlingua method of teaching languages is the result of decades of practical experience. Inlingua, Bangalore enables students by eliminating their language barrier to enhance their progress in both personal as well as professional life. Most of the world's leading companies and many of the more communicative governments and international institutions have recognized and chosen Inlingua as their preferred language school”.

Inlingua Bangalore’s English Programs are targeted towards improving all levels of fluency, right from the beginner levels to the more advanced levels. Inlingua Bangalore’s Programs are designed for both individuals and corporate. The programs are designed to help everyone use English fluently in their day-to-day life. For example, the students trained at Inlingua, will feel more confident while:

Communicating during routine tasks,
Describing experiences, discussing opinions and plans,
Interacting fluently on various topics,
Using the language effectively for social, academic and professional purposes,
Differentiating the finer shades of meaning.

Benefit from a course that is just right for your career needs. Inlingua Bangalore assesses the language level and delivers you what exactly you need and where you need to go.

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