Business Execution Software helps business leaders achieve their goals faster

New App lets CEO’s run their business from the palm of their hand

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Los Angeles – One of the great challenges for business leaders is to ensure strategic decisions are successfully implemented and staff are held accountable for results. Business Execution Software has been developed to meet this need. It makes performance visible with a tool that is simple to understand and easy for staff to use.

“We’ve been providing strategy consulting services to mid-sized growth firms since 1996, and created this software tool to help our clients to implement their strategies” says Chief Operating Officer Stephen Lynch. “The tool has now evolved to become a stand alone product, and we transformed our company from being a consulting firm that uses software to support our consulting, to a software firm that has a team of consultants supporting the software. We are now making the tool publicly available to any CEO that wants to drive results and increase accountability in their firm”

What if you don’t have a strategy? The tool includes a series of video workshops to guide business leaders through the strategic decision making process, and helps you capture your decisions on a One Page Strategic Plan.

Once leaders choose their strategic goals and key metrics, they enter them into the tool, and then assign sub-goals and tasks to individual team members. This has the benefit of aligning every individual’s activity to the overall company strategy. People know what they need to do, and they can see how their goals fit into the big picture. The tool then sends daily reminders to keep staff focused on the key tasks that are required to implement the strategy.

Gamification elements are incorporated into the tool to reward progress. Each goal is color-coded based on the current level of performance; e.g. red = bad, yellow = OK, green = good. Staff members also earn badges for achieving various activity levels that indicate their level of engagement.

Staff meetings can be run from within the tool. Decisions can be captured and tasks assigned to the appropriate person in real time during the meeting. An internal social media feed called “the water cooler” encourages collaboration around goal achievement, as well as being a place for staff to share news, debate ideas, and celebrate “wins”.

The tool tracks team and individual progress every step of the way. Leaders can now view how their company is performing at a glance from a browser, or from the palm of their hand via the mobile app.

“It becomes quickly obvious who your top performers are, and who needs more help and support”, says Stephen. “A CEO shared this testimonial with me, ‘It's pretty amazing to watch software hold someone to account. I no longer have to do all the messy management stuff myself. Our team is policing itself”

In summary, Business Execution Software makes performance visible. It drives accountability at all levels to help companies achieve their goals faster.

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