Health General Store Opens | Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet

Health General Store is proud to announce its doors opening to the public. With the hope to help America a healthier place through weight loss and diet with Raspberry Ketone and African Mango. Announcing the opening of online and physical locations today.

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Health General Store is pleased to announce the opening of its online retail store here in Fall of 2012! Here you will find natural health supplements that will help your body to perform at its peak, and help you look like the person you want to be. The main focus of Health General Store is to aid people in losing unwanted fat, and dropping into a safe weight range through natural ways. The main two products of this online retail store are Raspberry Ketone and African Mango which have both been seen on Dr. Oz as effective weight loss diets.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 65% of the United States was overweight in 2010 and this number continues to be on the rise. This number continues to rise as people eat more, eat more fatting foods, exercise less, become more stressed, and find less time in the day with their busy schedules.

The Health General Store (HGS) is happy to aid such people mentioned above in their endeavor to lose weight. The plan to achieve is this is by offering safe and natural health supplements that help you lose weight while only slightly changing one’s lifestyle. Take for instance the Raspberry Ketone diet, the show boat product of Health General Store. It works by going into your body and breaking down fat in in the abdominal, kidney, and liver, regions, and burning this fat. As the fat is burned, one’s body feels less hungry and more energized resulting in a quick loss of weight through natural and safe means.

Health General Store is proud to bring a product that is so successful and helpful to market. The products of HGS are made in the United States of America in Draper, Utah. Almost all of the products made at HGS are FDA Registered and seen on the “Generally Recognized as Safe” list, in particular the Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Diet. The labs of HGS are also FDA registered and approved, making the products quality and reliable.

In a world of overweight people looking for a way to lose weight in a busy schedule, Health General Store is happy to provide quality products at great prices. HGS is not only expanding online, but is moving into local salons and spas in the Utah area offering safe health supplements to locals. Through both a virtual and physical approach, Health General Store hopes to help the 65% of overweight and obese Americans by helping them lose weight in a quick, natural, and effective way.