Celebrate National Cat Day with Cats in Social Media

October 29, 2012 is National Cat Day, so Boot Camp Digital created an infographic to celebrate how Cats have take over Social Media

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Cincinnati, OH – CINCINNATI, OH, October 29, 2012 -- In honor of National Cat Day on October 29, 2012, Boot Camp Digital, a leading provider of social media marketing, created an infographic to honor the impact that our feline friends have made on social media which can be found at http://bootcampdigital.com/cats-in-social-media-an-infographic-by-boot-camp-digital/.

Across social networks, cats have had a dramatic impact and have been a key driving force in the rise of social media. Even before the internet and as early as 1870, funny pictures of cats with descriptions have been a source of entertainment. On YouTube, some of the top videos involve cats getting angry, being silly or even talking. “Angry Cat” for example has over 80 million views on YouTube, which is over 13 times the number of views of the first American presidential debate. “Angry Cat” also has more views than a few Justin Bieber videos (thank goodness).

Cats are also prominent on sites like Facebook and Twitter. While cats are not officially allowed to have profiles on Facebook (sorry, only people can), many cats break the rules and can still be found on Facebook. Humans also love cats on Facebook with over 1.7 million people on Facebook liking “cats”. Cats are well loved on Twitter, where cat celebrity Sockington has over 1.5 million followers, and Cee Lo Green’s cat Purrfect has over 65,000 followers.

The infographic created by Boot Camp Digital (http://bootcampdigital.com/cats-in-social-media-an-infographic-by-boot-camp-digital/) highlights the history and accomplishments of cats in social media. National cat day is an official holiday of the Animal Miracle Foundation. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating cats and building awareness about the number of cats that need to be rescued and adopted. It’s also a day encouraging cat lovers to love and appreciate their cats. It has grown into a large and well-known celebration, especially thanks to social media.

“In honor of National Cat Day, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the profound and lasting impact that cats have had on Social Media. From the site ‘Cats that Look Like Hitler’ (also known as Kitlers) to ‘Cattoos’ (pictures of people with cat tattoos) on Pinterest to ‘ICanHasCheezburger’, the pioneer of cat humor online, cats have done a tremendous amount to advance social media,” said Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital. “People are naturally drawn to cats since they are incredibly cute and have a very broad range of expressions and voices. Dogs just aren’t as interesting, cute or funny.”

The infographic from Boot Camp Digital outlines the history and accomplishments of cats in social media over the years. Cats have had a bigger impact than many people realize, with many millions of people spending hours each year talking to cats on twitter, watching cat videos and sharing their love for cats.

You can view the infographic at http://bootcampdigital.com/cats-in-social-media-an-infographic-by-boot-camp-digital/ - it is freely available for anyone to use or share, with attribution to Boot Camp Digital.

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