“What Moves You” Scion Advertising as Explained by North Carolina Toyota Scion Dealer

Scion launches a new ad campaign aimed at an older demographic, and Toyota Scion of Concord in Concord, NC explains the effort to appeal to more mature demographics.

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Concord, NC – Scion has established its brand by designing stylish, sporty vehicles that appeal to a younger demographic, but it is looking to slightly tweak that persona with a new ad campaign that targets an older crowd. Toyota Scion of Concord in Concord, NC has released all the details regarding Scion’s new ad campaign.

Since Scion burst onto the scene in 2000, it was targeted the 18-24 age group, but it is now looking to change that with its “What Moves You” ad campaign. The “What Moves You” campaign promises to feature ads that will educate older consumers about the Scion brand.

"We wanted to talk to our customers and consumers and we learned a number of things about our brand. And No. 1 on the list, from an awareness standpoint, was that nine years in we're still a mystery to some of these buyers," said Doug Murtha, vice president of product planning for Toyota Motor Sales USA.

"Even though we're talking to people we thought were in our age wheelhouse, in their minds we're often their younger brother or sister's car. We probably marketed too young to them."
Currently, the average age of a driver that purchases a Scion is 37, which is very low for an automotive manufacturer. Early on in Scion’s history this was attributed in bringing the brand success, but sale numbers have begun to sink in recent years. In fact, Scion was at its height in 2006 with it sold 173,000 cars, but in 2011 that number slipped to about 46,000.

"Demographically, yes, 37 is where we want to be," Murtha said. "But beyond the age aspect, the profile of the Scion customer is also narrow in the mind of the customer. We're still associated with the 'bad-boy hipster' image which, quite honestly, we promoted out of the gate."

By changing its image with the new “What Moves You” campaign, Scion hopes to discover new customers and reestablish itself as one of the elite automotive brands that it knows it can be.

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