AllXClub Pioneered Adult MLM... BankofAdult Also Wants Their Piece Of The Pie

Is A Second Adult MLM In This Lucrative $100 Billion A Year Industry A Viable Option?

Online PR News – 01-July-2009 – – The pre-launch of AllXClub took place on the 21st of October 2008. It was the first time in history that the adult and MLM industries combined to allow average Joe and average Sally an opportunity to profit from two of the largest and most profitable industries on the internet.

All X Club was a category creator and received major support from MLM gurus, business professionals, internet marketers, business opportunity seekers, and adult web-masters. The membership base grew exponentially, attracting people from all walks of life, including students, single mothers, experienced entrepreneurs, and even retired couples.

Since the inception of All X Club, the company grew leaps and bounds during the Holiday Season, and continued the unprecedented growth into the New Year. With continued innovation and upgrades for members, All X Club officially launched in 60 countries on the 2nd of March 2009. It was one of the most widely publicized launches an MLM company has potentially received.

At the time of writing, some of the All X Club member benefits include:
- Unlimited Video On Demand
- Free DVD Of The Month
- Unlimited Strip Poker
- Sexual Health Guide
- Adult Webcam Chat
- Adult Dating Site
- Discounted Shoes and Lingerie
- Discounted Toys and Novelties
- Discounted International Travel
- Exclusive VIP Ticket Broker

Speaking with the AllXClub Review team, HQ is committed to continually increase member benefits, without ever increasing the low membership fee. This includes the adult and mainstream product range, and the marketing tools to help members build their All X Club business as efficiently as possible.

Some of the All X Club marketing tools include a variety of splash pages for promotion, complete anonymity for member privacy, professionally designed banners and email marketing campaigns, an auto-responder for fully automated follow up with leads, quick start guide and audio, $1.99 Trial Membership, and a plethora of other tools and resources.

To everyones surprise, BankofAdult has recently made a futile attempt to compete with the already established, and highly popular All X Club membership site. The BankofAdult product range mainly consists of adult videos and toys, with the compensation plan being strangely similar to All X Club. Unfortunately, the BankofAdult compensation plan lacks important income features such as the 100% matching bonus, and the leadership pools All X Club offers.

In either case, when making the decision to join an MLM Home Business Opportunity, it is important to conduct proper due diligence before making the final decision. All things considered, with BankofAdult being a $70 investment, compared to the $40 investment with All X Club, the decision is literally a no-brainer.

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