Used Franking Machine offers range of brand new franking machines suitable for your business
29 October 2012
Used Franking Machine, UK October 29, 2012/ Press Release/- Used Franking Machine UK, the first and only Royal Mail approved UK online site dealing with remanufactured, second hand and used franking machine brings a whole range of brand new franking machine suitable for your business. The eminent supplier of used frank mail systems cater to the needs of the business owners who are searching for brand new mail franking device from renowned brands which are suited for your business’ needs. “Used Franking Machine works continuously in providing our valued clients with complete line of mail system and services in order to cater and revolutionized your mail needs. We take pride as the first and only UK site that is certified by Royal Mail in providing range of frank mail systems by offering not only re-manufactured, second hand and used franking device, but also a whole range of brand new Franking machine suitable for your business’ needs, “says Des McManus, Managing Director of Used Franking Machine UK. “We understand the requirements of every organization that’s why we have come up with brand new mail franking systems to provide them with more alternatives. We bring various types of mail franking device which is suitable for businesses including New Mailbase Lite 'Smart' Franking Machine, Mailbase™ 'Smart' Franking Machine and Mailbase+™ 'Smart' Franking Machine, Mailbase™ Speed'Smart' Franking Machine, Mailcentre 'Smart' Franking Machine and Mailpoint - Connect+.” Used Franking Machines UK offers these advanced devices which are built with high technological features, and are designed for your particular mailing needs. These devices are more affordable and can cater to your mailing volume needs. From low volume (up to 50 items per day) to high volume (higher than 1000 items per day), you can easily select the type of frank mail device that will suit your company. These brand new assortments of mail systems from Used Franking Machine UK offer avant-garde designs of semi-automatic envelope feed and built-in scale to fully coloured mails which are flexible enough for small to large volume mailings. These machines also offer the advantage of faster and superior performance helping organization in reaching a large customer base. Used Franking Machine is operated and owned by Mailcoms Ltd. They are Royal Mail approved and independent franking machine maintainer, inspector and supplier of complete range of brand new and second hand franking machines including Francotyp postalia, Neopost Franking Machines, Frama and more. For more information and to book your orders please visit Contact: Used Franking Machines 3 & 4 Heritage Park Hayes Way Cannock WS11 7LTTelephone: 08450 530930 Fax:- 08450 530931