Pospaper.com now offers a useful range of counterfeit bill Detectors products.

pospaper.com who always brings innovative and useful offers their latest set of products of Counterfeit Bill Detectors like counterfeit detector pens, Fraud Fighter UV-16 and Smart Money Counterfeit Dual Detector to prevent a fraud activity.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Jacksonville, Florida – October, 18, 2012, after the huge success of pricing guns and pricing label products pospaper.com now bring you a great useful product of counterfeit bill detectors.

A product counterfeit bill detector product includes a counterfeit detector pens. This product is useful pen to write on the currency that you wish to verify. All users need to do is just simply shade the portion of the currency note or draw a symbol like a circle or write anything that user want to write. The chemicals in the pen will help to find out if the currency note is a genuine or a forged one. If it is a genuine one the color of the note will remain unchanged otherwise there is a major change in color. This pen will work in most of the foreign currencies.

Another great product in this series is Fraud Fighter UV-16 designed for lit retain and point-of-sale locations,this device is the most powerful compact counterfeit detection scanner. Utilizing electronically enhanced components, the ultraviolet tubes produce 30% more UV than any other devices.

The UVeritech UV-16 may be used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses, secure and chemically altered checks, cashier’s checks, passports, visas, and many other more important and vital documents.

Smart Money Counterfeit Dual Detector is highly effective and inexpensive tool for detecting bad bills and deterring counterfeiters from passing phony currency.. Simply make a small mark on the currency. Chemically sensitive ink works instantly. An amber mark passes the test, while a dark brown or black mark means the bill is probably counterfeit. Works with most currency Pen-style for extreme portability.

So, pospaper.com who do not only make a product of great use but also these product help to prevent a crime and stop criminal activity and certainly help the society. One cay says certainly about pospaper.com that they have the range of the product company have is certainly endless apart from this product they also offers products like thermal paper rolls, printer ribbons, various kind of credit card supplies products, custom printed paper rolls, ATM paper rolls, napkin bands, different type of shopping bags any many other superb products for their customer. For further query and to place an order any one can easily contact them online at http://www.pospaper.com/counterfiet-bill-detectors.html.