AMACOM to Publish The Convergence Factor

BTM’s Faisal Hoque to Further Define the Financial Value of Business Technology Management and Convergence

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – - Stamford, CT: AMACOM, the book publishing division of the American Management Association (AMA), announced today that it is planning a Spring 2011 publication date for The Convergence Factor, the working title for the new book by the leading Business Technology Management and Convergence expert, and Founder and CEO of BTM Corporation, Faisal Hoque. The Convergence Factor will showcase the financial benefits of managing business and technology together and is the foundation to becoming a better business technology leader.

This book will further build upon the success and recognition of the Business Technology Convergence Index, a research report released by the BTM Institute in 2007, which highlighted the connection between corporate financial performance and business technology convergence. It will also highlight other related financial indicators achieved from Business Agility, Sustained Innovation, and Operational Excellence by converging business and technology in both private and public sectors.

There is demonstrable economic value in advancing business technology management maturity, and the payoff is greatest for those enterprises that are approaching a state of business technology convergence. BTM’s research since 1999, in conjunction with leading academics and industry practitioners, indicates that leaders who place a focus on converging the business and technology sides of their companies attain far more success than those who continue to treat them as silos.

“The Convergence Factor represents the next generation of its predecessor’s research, further defined, to offer a prescriptive approach to anyone interested in achieving a convergence of business and technology within their own organization,” – says Robert Nirkind, Senior Editor for AMACOM Books.

The Convergence Factor is more than just a how-to guide; it’s a business philosophy and a mandate to return enterprises to a more innovative mindset by forgoing the application of technology to business for technology’s sake and putting business strategy, objectives and processes at the forefront of enterprise enablement. This is a call to arms; a manifesto for making organizations and businesses nimble, agile and able to build differentiated, innovative and adaptable processes that expand their reach and grow revenue even in the most challenging markets and conditions.

About the Author

A former senior executive at GE and other multi-nationals, Faisal Hoque is an internationally known entrepreneur and thought leader, and the founder and CEO of BTM Corporation. For his commitment to business technology convergence, CIO Quarterly magazine designated him, 'Mr. Convergence’. In May 2008, the editors of Ziff Davis Enterprise named him as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology for conceiving and developing business technology management (BTM), helping organizations transform into 'whole-brained enterprises.' He has written five management books, established The BTM Institute, and become a leading authority on the issue of effective interaction between business and technology. Mr. Hoque is represented by John Willig, President and Literary Agent of Literary Services Inc.


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