Energize Your Chakras with Joe Vitale’s Healing Music

Throughout the day we stimulate our chakras with a multitude of external influences. Joe Vitale’s healing music inspires a positive influence that energizes our chakras to heal.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA – 10-30-2012 (JoeDolanPR): Science has proven that our very thoughts affect the ability of positive energy to flow unrestricted through our bodies. Negative thought can hinder the energy flow. Joe Vitale has recorded his latest CD titled “The Healing Song,” adding to a growing catalog of music written to promote positive thoughts that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.

While each of our seven chakras focuses a different energy on a different part of our psyche, it is up to us to maintain our chakras' ability to perform optimally. This can involve many factors that include taking in natural light, eating properly and spending time away from stressful situations. Some people choose yoga and meditation to clear their minds, but Joe Vitale offers the proven method of music therapy to energize a strong positive energy flow through our chakra system.

As written in Elevation Magazine, “The universe is made up of vibration of energy. Everything in it has its own unique vibration. By ‘tuning’ our brain in to certain frequencies, it is possible to stimulate brain functions that include relaxation, enhanced learning, better mood, psychic ability and even healing. These benefits are multiplied when combined with the power of music.”

Medical science has both proven and implemented the therapy of listening to empowering and positive music. Its use affects hormones and triggers the release of endorphins in the body, often referred to as the “feel good chemicals” our body naturally creates to promote wellness. When listening to Joe Vitale’s healing music, the same benefits medical professionals rely on are provided. By responding to body stresses and ailments that reduce the flow of healing energy through our chakras, healing music clears our neurological pathways to let positive energy erase pain and strengthen the ability to heal. It happens by stimulating the chakras with different frequencies of sound.

The levels of hertz that each sound resonates with categorize the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta frequencies. Each frequency is also associated with key tones in the musical scale, and each vibrates a chakra at a different frequency. By writing harmonies into songs using these specific notes, Vitale offers that listening to the healing music creates activity within each of our chakras and unfolds a long list of benefits that improve our health. Adding healing music to any of your regular daily activities increases the potential for improved focus, better concentration and an overall improved success rate in each activity you strive to achieve. The power of simply listening to healing music daily, leads to the potential of living stress free with all of your positive energy flowing.

Joe Vitale shares streaming samples from all his healing music CDs and includes free track downloads of selected songs. Hear healing music for yourself and read more information about the power of healing music by visiting the following websites:

- www.TheHealingSong.com
- www.HealingMojoMusic.com
- www.GetUpAndStrut.com
- www.AligningToZero.info

For more information on healing music, you can email healingmusic@aweber.com. More information on Joe Vitale, the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter, please visit www.mrfire.com.

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