Lawyers on Twitter Get an Attorney-Only URL Shortener

Social networking is quickly being adopted by large law firms and sole practicing attorneys. A new program released by now gives a shortened URL to attorneys.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – CNN monitors it. Networks like HGTV make mid-show, mini-episodes out of it, and the White House uses it to communicate with over one million followers. Everybody seems to be using the non-revenue-generating service known as Twitter.

While Twitter may not be generating profits for parent company, San Francisco based Obvious™, it is definitely generating a lot of traffic and new business for many of its users. Where there is business to grab, law firm marketing company,, is there to discover and create new ways for lawyers to get their piece.

The parent company of, Tampa, Florida, based Adviatech Corp., wrote on their company blog in April of 2009 a two-part series called “Twitter Me This” and “Twitter Me That.” It was written to help introduce businesses to the value of Twitter as a business tool rather than a pre-teen gossip house.

Since then, the legal marketing holding of Adviatech launched their expansion which includes an attorney directory, social networking, and a variety of free marketing tools for lawyers to tap into along with their premium search engine marketing and website design services. It comes as no surprise that one of the free services developed by would simplify the way attorneys interact on Twitter.

The concept of the newly released is simple. Twitter only gives space for 140 characters. The theory propagated by is that Twitter’s core value to attorney marketing is in its ability to drive traffic to a website or blog. Therefore, if a Tweet does not link back to the Tweeting attorney’s website or blog, the Tweet is not going to be a traffic source.

What the free-to-use lawyer url service does is shortens URLs. Some URL’s (website addresses) can by themselves exceed 140 characters. By utilizing, a 200 character URL can be shortened to a URL that is 19 characters (for example: At 19 characters, lawURL generates addresses shorter than other services like ‘’ which averages (with http prefix) 20 characters, and ‘TinyURL’ which averages 26 characters (with http prefix).

Of course, as the service becomes more popular and single letter/number suffixes are taken, character count will grow over time.

The real benefit is a perfectly branded Twitter page that uses a URL shortener only available to lawyers and legal related industries. The service is based on an open source platform that is still customizing. They will soon release a Wordpress plugin that will exclusively work with and allow attorneys to automatically Tweet through the API every time they post a new blog entry on their website.

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