Top Secret AREA 51 UFO Manual To Be Revealed

Dover Publications announces the November 21, 2012 launch of a new children’s book: The AREA 51 UFO Maintenance And Repair Manual

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Mineola, NY – UFO TECHNICIAN “LOSES IT”
The AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual is a full color activity book designed to resemble what a how-to-manual might look like after being misplaced by a UFO technician working at AREA 51 (including fingerprint smudges and coffee stains). Author and illustrator Sean Kevin Gaffney has had various mazes appear in major children’s publications, including Nickelodeon Magazine.

Navigating maze like pathways through interior compartments components and environments of AREA 51 UFOs is extremely dangerous. Follow the manual.

By integrating the mazes and activities within alien components, compartments, and environments of extraterrestrial spaceships housed at the secret AREA 51 installations, Gaffney wanted to create an extremely challenging children's activity book: "It’s okay for someone to not grasp something at first. What’s important is how that person handles it. Do they ignore it and forget it, or do they research it and get smarter? I want this book to challenge the reader, young and old. Of course, it would have to. Fixing a UFO can't be easy, if it was, you wouldn't need a manual.”

Research shows that the human brain functions like any other muscle in the body, the more you use it the “stronger” it becomes. Attempting the challenge of puzzles and mazes, at any age, stimulates the brain, greatly improving memory retention and mental stamina, and the best part is, it’s fun.

AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual Activity Book
Written & illustrated by Sean Kevin Gaffney
48 pages, full color. Age 9 and up,
8.25 x 11 in., paperback, $7.99
Solutions included
ISBN-10: 0486490351
ISBN-13: 978 - 0486490359
Book release date: November 21, 2012, pre-ordering is available.
copyright 2012 Sean Kevin Gaffney

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