There is a SOY CANDLE for every occasion in your life to enhance your desired mood.

NewSoylutionsCandleShop.Com has recently opened its site to provide any one who might be celebrating a holiday or special event with their family and/or loved ones, or even if they are just trying to relax from a long day at work. The candles that they provide can help.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – NEW WILMINGTON, PA – We know that there are most likely thousands of different combinations of styles and scents of candles. It is not that we want to offer as many as possible, but we want to offer as many as we can, BUT also be able to keep it environmentally friendly as well. "It is two benefits for the price of one", said Sonya Mitcheltree, the founder of NewSoylutionsCandleShop. Com, "you can get a candle from any convenience store, but can you get the right candle, and know that the candle is safe for your home living."The reason for the "environmentally friendly" tag they put on their candles is because soy candles are made with the natural oil from soybean plants so they are a renewable resource making them Eco Friendly, burn cleaner, cooler and slower emitting significantly less soot into homes. This means soy candles provide healthier air quality while providing more scent filled enjoyment and ambiance for someone and their family. "These candles are a necessity in every home with the continued rise of stressors on the mind and bodies of the everyday family," says Sonya. Soy candles are best used to provide relaxation through aromatherapy and can even be utilized for a massage. Now we know what to get our wives for Christmas!
NewSoylutionsCandleShop is an internet based business that specializes in 100% Soy Candles. The business was created by Sonya Mitcheltree to spread the joy and comfort that Soy Candles have brought to her life. Sonya is a wife and mother of three amazing children as well as a full time therapist at a local mental health agency. was founded in July 2012 to provide customers with a more earth friendly choice in candles while continuing to enjoy the scents that help us celebrate, relax and simply enjoy our lives a little bit more.