Recruit so simple brings a whole new Applicant tracking software

When you are looking for applicant tracking software you can simply go with the recruit so simple solutions. They can offer you personalized recruitment solutions to suit specific needs.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Frimley, Surrey – United Kingdom. October 28, 2012. Recruit So Simple is a leading online recruitment agency software supplier that now brings a whole new customized applicant tracking software.
Recruit so simple understands the pressure that mounts during the employment process when they are to sort through hundreds and thousands of resumes. But with the recruit so simple this whole process has been streamlined and HR managers can quickly sort out hundreds of resumes in no time. Their applicant tracking software assures that only the potential clients with certain skills make it to the next level of employment phase. This recruitment solution can be customized as well to assure that they are able to meet the specific user requirements of each individual.
This applicant tracking system can also maintain the whole database and make it available for future use.
So anyone who has been looking for recruitment software solutions like applicant tracking software that can be customized to suit specific needs can simply go with recruit so simple. Know more about their recruitment solution at their website or can simply call them at 0845 862 2820 for any consultation or queries.