Market Timing University teaches how to predict stock prices

A new investor education company teaches how to predict stock prices in advance, using proprietary economic indicators and market signals.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Press Release

For Immediate Release is Open for Business
October 29, 2012

Salt Lake City, UT –

MarketTimingUniversity announced today that its new website, is up and open for business.

We have a revolutionary approach to investing -- our courses teach investors how to predict stock prices in advance of bull and bear markets. We show how to time the markets using economic data and market signals that, taken together, are proven to lead stock prices.

"Most people don't know much about the stock market, let alone how to predict the direction of the stock market," said Gregg Killpack, president and founder of, a Utah-based investor education company. "We boil down a complex subject into the critical underlying principles to make investing simple and easy to understand. Very few people know the stock market like we do -- and most of them are on Wall Street."

Gregg Killpack is a market professional with 25 years experience in investing, trading, coaching, and working in the financial services industry. He started Killpack Trading, LLC, in 2005.

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Gregg Killpack
Salt Lake City, Utah