Cosmic Coaching Centre Launches a Unique Form of Motivation for Goal Achievement

Cosmic Coaching Centre, provider of corporate and individual career solutions for middle managers and mid-career professionals, has partnered with Eloquent Notes to create personalized inspirational lyrical pieces.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – TORONTO, Canada – Cosmic Coaching Centre has partnered with Tyler Ward of Eloquent Notes to create personalized inspirational lyrics (iAnthem) to help people build the courage to move forward towards their goals, and renewed strength.

“Nations have used anthems to motivate communities to work hard, compete and even fight; why not have a personal anthem to motivate ourselves to achieve personal goals,” said Cecile Peterkin, president at Cosmic Coaching Centre, which provides corporate and individual career solutions for middle managers and mid-career professionals.

iAnthem was created to provide users with a unique form of motivation to help propel them to achieve their goals, and see the possibilities that they never dreamed of. The first of its kind, it is an inspirational piece that taps into their own personal journey – a reminder of how their previous experience will lead to their future success.

This is how it works: Cosmic Coaching Centre gives the user twelve questions to answer about themselves – their unique story, their strength, dreams, goals, accomplishments. Their answers are then crafted into a personal lyrical anthem. Using their strengths and past experiences to motivate and inspire, this creative encouragement will support them on their path to success. They can put their iAnthem on an iPod or MP3 player.

“Words cannot adequately express the feelings that bubble up to the surface as I listen to my iAnthem. I feel empowered and reconnected to the goals that I desire to achieve. Thanks to iAnthem, I am reminded of the me that I am, and that if I can dream it, I can achieve it,” said Maria De Mello, Client with Cosmic Coaching Centre.

“At times when challenges leave the scale feeling unbalanced, listen to your iAnthem for a clear reminder of your true value,” said Tyler Ward, Creative Director at Eloquent Notes. This is where iAnthem can become the catalyst towards achieving your goals and success.

With iAnthem, the orchestra of their past playing the music of their future the user will soon discover their ability to focus on what they want in life becomes easier – they can see what it is they need to do to achieve their goals.

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About Eloquent Notes
Eloquent Notes is an innovative copywriting company that produces creative lyrical copy for any occasion. With years of experience composing engaging pieces; they have worked on a wide spectrum of projects; capturing the ever-present emotions of a wedding, generating excitement for a party, or creating copy for marketing of a product. Their versatile talents apply to all situations. For more information, visit

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