Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – October 27, 2012 - Palm Beach, FL – The author, wanting to remain anonymous, unveiled his newest book detailing his interpretation of the second coming of Christ. The book, entitled “The Second Coming of Christ, What Would God Say? The Prelude,” was launched online Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Readers can go online to www.101012.org to read this explosive new eBook sharing a startling God-inspired message that reveals the truth about our current world and its future. The full transcript is of an amazing conversation between God and His Son, Jesus Christ, the prelude to his glorious return to earth.

What would God say about what America, the world, mankind and the church must do for His return? God inspired the author to share this incredible dialogue as the world is in dire need of divine intervention to save the global village from a future of financial ruins, manmade disasters, hate, self-destruction, nuclear inhalations and tyranny. At the eve of the Mayan’s 2012 prophesy for a new and positive direction for all of mankind – a turn for the better!

A quote from the book says, "Be assured thou shalt never sacrifice My Son a second time just for Him to be subjected to water boarding, being tasered and nailed to a cross again. This is 'the Prelude' to His long-awaited, glorious return, which shalt not be in vain," said God.

The author reflects on how the book began, “One morning while sitting at my desk working, a rapid sensory fire of visuals, written words of God, related phrases and His commandments flashed through my mind uncontrollably. I started typing down the words as they filled my head so I could make some sense of it and within three months this book was born. I know very well that this divine feeling may all exist only in my imagination, but at the same time, I strongly feel that there is a higher power involved – a God-inspired power. This knowledge made me very anxious with my stomach aching, as I cried that day.

My wish and hope as the writer of this God-inspired dialogue is for it to reach as many villagers – Christians and the like – as possible, to help bring about the change the global village needs if it’s going to survive and become a prosperous and free society with liberty and justice for all, as true democracy and true capitalism are the cradles of prosperity, honor, advancement, and redemption.”

The author is a credited painter and writer since the age of eight years old. For more information on the book and the author, please email Daniel at: info@101012.org and visit www.101012.org or call (407) 924-3445.