Metro5 Invites Webmasters, Marketers and SEOs to Free 30 Day Ad Campaign

Search Engine Metro5 Invites Webmasters, Marketers and SEOs to Free 30 Day Ad Campaign.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Den Haag, October 27th 2012 – Metro5, a search engine, focusing on ranking websites by social influence, has announced the launch of its free advertising campaign targeted at webmasters, SEO's and marketers.

Marketers, SEO's and webmasters are invited to create a free 30 day advertising campaign to promote their (or their client's) website.

"Having just launched a new product ourselves, we know how hard it can be to get the word out about a new website or business. Because we want to help people getting found, we have launched this campaign to help getting the word out by placing a free advertisement.", Jan De Mol, Metro5's head developer said.

Marketing Pro's, SEO's and webmasters are invited to request a free advertising voucher at

Requesting a voucher is free and no payment details such as credit cards etc. are required. The voucher is sent instantly to the requester's email address and can be used instantly to setup a free 30 day campaign.

The developers at Metro5 welcome you to ask questions or post suggestions via their Twitter account @Metro5Search

Each household is entitled to receive one voucher. Vouchers must be used within 30 days after requesting them, or they will expire. There is no need for any payment information. A voucher entitles you to setup a 30 day ad for your selected keyword for 30 days.

About Metro5
Metro5 delivers a set of up to 50 relevant results for each web search query, while taking social influence into account when ranking these results. Metro5 enables users to vote for or against websites using their Twitter account, meaning users can actually influence results.


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