WLMarketing Provides New Video Marketing Service To Expand Your Exposure

An overview of the video marketing services provided by WLMarketing, an SEO firm with a focus on linkbuilding.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Houston, TX – Recently, WLMarketing has debuted their new Video Marketing service, with a focus on providing increased exposure to online brands. Video marketing has become an increasingly popular method for driving visitors to your website, and providing information in an effective and visual way. There are many benefits to the new WLMarketing video promotion service, that can make it a viable option for webmasters that are looking to expand their exposure and influence, and also increase the number of backlinks to your website, which results in better search engine optimization, allowing you to drive traffic to your website through search engines.

Creation With Submission

If you currently do not have a video that you are looking to promote, WLMarketing can create the video for you. This video will include a few screenshots of your website, along with captions and a short song that results in around a 60 second video, that can be promoted around the web. Their most basic service that includes creation, is creation along with submissions. 10 submissions cost $15, 35 submissions cost $40, and 75 submissions cost $80, along with the creation of the video. WLMarketing also offers a promotional service, that allows you to increase the exposure of your video. 10 submissions, along with video creation and promotion costs $35, while 35 submissions costs $110 along with promotion, and 75 submissions with promotion costs $230. This is an excellent option for businesses that are looking for the benefits of video marketing, but currently do not have a video that they are looking to promote. Not only will you receive the exposure generated from these video websites, but you will also be able to benefit from the backlinks that are created during the video submission process.

Submission Only

If your business already has a video that you would like to promote, you can choose submission only packages, which can save you a great deal of money. WLMarketing will take the video that you are looking to promote, and provide various levels of submissions. 10 video submissions cost $10, 35 video submissions cost $35, and 75 video submissions cost $75. These packages also come with the promotion option, which will increase the exposure to the video that you are promoting. 10 video submissions with promotion cost $30, 35 video submissions with promotion cost $105, and 75 video submissions with promotion cost $225.

WLMarketing is SEO firm with a special emphasis on link building. They're video marketing services not only offer excellent link building opportunities, but also allow you to increase your exposure, and drive traffic to your website. Their high quality video creation service creates around a 1 min. video, with screenshots from your website, and an explanation of the services that you provide. This can be an excellent, quick and effective way for you to quickly take advantage of all that video marketing has to offer. With the boom in popularity for websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and dozens of other video hosting websites, it is important that as a business you embrace these websites, and utilize them to your advantage through the services provided by WLMarketing.

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