Pathology Information Management System Now Available with Advanced Features

Pathology lab software is basically a class of software which receives, stores and processes information, generated by the medical pathology processes. It offers high level of pathology lab reporting.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Delhi – Pathology is an ever-changing sector and nowadays due to high level of government incentives, a certain increase in investment demands has been encountered in laboratory informatics. Pathology lab software is basically a class of software which receives, stores and processes information, generated by the medical pathology processes. It offers high level of pathology lab reporting, printing as well as offers effective management of pathology records. Every pathological report could be stored for future reference which could be gained access anytime. Although pathology lab system is appearing to change quite slowly than IT sector, but it is altering rapidly with the emergence of mobile access and lab analytics demands. It composes comprehensive database of entire pathology tests separately for male and female with its normal range. This software offers doctor wise details as well as accounting information too.

Pathology information management system is basically a module of hospital management system and is used for recording entire information related to the tests performed. The system could also receive online requests from doctors and helps laboratory personnel in generating requests. It is also possible to manage dues record with the help of software. Moreover, the software could be easily customized whenever required. Finding culture reports entry becomes extremely fast and easier. If abnormal finding is entered, it will ask for re-confirming the findings and it will not accept differential count less or more than 100. Our pathology lab software is so easy to use, that even lab staffs could operate the software with minimum training. Prospect of online access to each patient record is crucial and essentially required for delivering top-quality health-related services.

With the unexpected change happening around healthcare system, there is a great confusion over the role of pathology sector in the future. There is a trend of healthcare computing of single vendor and there are vendors offering broad array of software modules. It has been found that HIT people, hospital executives etc also lack such similar knowledge. This progressing hospital management module can portends functionality gaps for lab operations and also puts threats to quality care and patient safety. ACGIL’s pathology lab applications are user-friendly and are generally pop-up based software. Therefore there is no requirement to keep in mind doctor names and test codes. It is also possible to maintain small-scale accounting due to which doctor’s incentives and patient’s billing could be easily calculated.

Pathology lab system has the potential to meet all requirements of small and big patholabs. The system boosts several functions like as image process, image report printing, e-report etc. Apart from this, it helps in preparing pathologic databases in both text and image forms through generating e-report documentation. It has a highly friendly interaction communication with ease-of-operation, so best for novice users. Typing mistakes could be also minimized through several checks within the software. It proposes improvements in quality of submissions, timeliness and compliance to the patients. Moreover, it also offers proper access to necessary information by clinicians and researchers. It could also manage the patient records in a proper order inside a pathology lab.

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