Avanti - India’s Only Super Car Welcomes You to the Fastest Event in India - 2012 Indian Grand Prix

Avanti - India’s Only Super Car Welcomes You to the Fastest Event in India - 2012 Indian Grand Prix

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Pune/Maharashtra – New Delhi-October 27th: Avanti by DC Design, India’s one and only super car proudly welcomes you to the fast world of Formula 1 to be held for the second consecutive year at the Buddh International Circuit. The previous outing of the most popular motorsport event in the world was a roaring success, to say the least. Fans had shivers down their spine with the thundering formula one cars zooming at top speed at our very own formula one circuit.
With speed running thorough our veins this weekend, Avanti by DC Design has made itself synonymous with speed, power and exclusivity, just like the formula 1 brigade. This partnership was meant to be because of the multitude of similarities between the two. The Avanti reaches 100 kmph from a standstill in a blistering 3.7 seconds, beating the pants off many popular super cars on the way. This takes the Avanti into the rarified crowd alongside the speed demons of formula 1, and is a monumental achievement for India, just like the realization of the Indian formula 1 dream.
The earth shattering performance figures of the Avanti such as an axle crunching power output of 366Nm @ just 3500 rpm is proof of the design and engineering capacities of DC Design, India’s favorite automotive design and engineering firm.
The Avanti calls upon you, the avid formula 1 fan with petrol flowing through your veins, to be part of the global phenomenon that is Formula 1 right here in India and feel the power, speed and thrill of master pieces of automotive excellence racing against time and themselves to be the best.

About DC Design
DC Design was founded in 1993 with the dual aim of redesigning and modifying mass market cars to create one-of-a-kind automotive beauties for automotive connoisseurs as well as offering design and prototyping services to the OEM automotive sector.
And a legend was born. DCD has produced more than 600 unique design cars; from supercars to a complete re-haul of the humble Ambassador. DCD has also provided design and prototyping services to the likes of Aston Martin, Renault and GM. Today DCD also designs and refurbishes aircraft interiors. DCD is now synonymous with bespoke luxury and avant-garde automotive design.