crowdSPRING is First to Launch Collaboration

New Feature Enables Designers and Writers to
Collaborate, Manage Projects and Improve Workflow

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Chicago, IL – crowdSPRING, the award-winning online marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative services such as logo design, web design and other types of graphic design, industrial design and writing services, announced today the launch of Collaboration, a first-of-its-kind feature that enables art directors, agencies, project managers and consultants to improve workflow, enhance collaboration, empower teams, and help manage projects.

Collaboration is an new and innovative crowdSPRING tool that allows teams to collaborate effectively on creative projects. Buyers or project managers can invite anyone they want to work on a crowdSPRING project, while controlling just what those collaborators will be able to do on the project. Collaboration offers agencies and other businesses an easy, and effective method of tapping into crowdSPRING’s community of more than 128,000 designers and writers around the world. It allows a buyer or a creative to share with others the work they’re doing and manage that work in an online gallery. Collaborators can leave feedback on entries, score the entries in the gallery, and update the project brief.

“Now you don’t have to be an experienced creative or project manager to collaborate and manage a project for a crowdSPRING client,” said crowdSPRING co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky. “CrowdSPRING’s new Collaboration tool lets outsiders become insiders and help manage a project just like it’s their own.”

crowdSPRING worked very closely with their creative community to ensure Collaboration meets the needs of today’s buyers. The process starts when buyers post a creative project and name their own price. Designers, illustrators, writers, photographers and others submit their ideas. Buyers choose the option they like best. And when they invite collaborators, those collaborators receive an email from the buyer and a link to the project. From this link, they can either login or register for an account. Collaborators without an account must register to gain access to the project. When they visit a project in the gallery, collaborators see a yellow banner. That banner confirms that they’re a collaborator, and it displays a list of tasks they’re permitted to handle.

“Buyers have full control at all times,” explains Mike Samson, Kimbarovsky’s partner and crowdSPRING co-founder. “For example, project managers can remove a collaborator whenever they’d like. And once removed, a collaborator won’t be able to take any further action on the project or see private galleries. “But don't worry,” he says. “We don't delete anything they did before they were removed. As a result, buyers get the best possible work and the best possible management for their project at a fee they can afford. No other company in our industry is doing anything like our new Collaboration!”

Since its launch in 2008, crowdSPRING has overseen nearly 31,000 projects from small businesses and mass brands, generated more than 2.8 million creative entries and now averages more than 110 entries per project. For more information on Collaboration, log on to To post a project or join the crowdSPRING creative community of nearly 112,000 designers and writers from more than 200 countries, visit

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