Wine Refrigerator Now Announces New Additions to Inventory

In addition to their selection of wine refrigerators and chillers, Wine Refrigerator Now will soon be adding other wine-related products.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – London – Wine Refrigerator Now is expanding their inventory, which currently focuses on wine refrigerators and wine chillers, to include other items that are the perfect addition to any wine drinker’s home. Many wine connoisseurs and drinkers alike have the issue of finding storage for their bottles of wine. With a wide variety of fridges and chillers, Wine Refrigerator Now allows those searching for more storage at the proper temperature to find exactly what they need.

In addition to the array of products offered by Wine Refrigerator Now, they will be giving information on some new products they plan to launch in the future. In fact, the popular wine experts at Wine Refrigerator Now are going to be adding wine decanters and wine racks to their inventory. As the product launch is highly awaited, they are providing detailed blog posts on the importance of having a wine decanter.

Wine decanters come highly recommended by wine enthusiasts everywhere, and are said to improve the taste of the wine being consumed. Used for hundreds of years, wine decanters allow the wine to breathe by exposing it to the right amount of oxygen. It also allows any sediment to settle at the bottom, improving the quality of taste for the consumer. For more information on wine decanters and other wine serving products, Wine Refrigerator Now keeps an updated blog on their website.

Whether shopping for a holiday gift or trying to perfect the wine drinking experience when hosting parties, a wine fridge or large wine chiller is a great addition to any home. For those who appreciate the art of wine-making, and the fun involved with wine-consuming, the products from Wine Refrigerator Now are a must-see. With affordable pricing, informative blogs, and free shipping, the expert staff has something to offer everyone. For more information on Wine Refrigerator Now, their products, or their blog, visit or call 800-371-5714 today.

Wine Refrigerator Now has grown itself into a leading online wine fridge dealer and wine blog. They specialize in refrigerator models across several reputable brands, that can store wine collections of less than 10 bottles to over 100. Their website is educational and offers a pain-free and enjoyable shopping experience for the customer.

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