Proposition B-Careful: Behind the Heartwarming TV Ads is the Largest Missouri Tax Increase Ever

Proposition B advocates often tug at the heart strings of Missouri voters. Yet Proposition B-Careful is the largest tax increase proposal in Missouri history. And with no guaranteed Missouri education budget increases. Get the facts now:

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – St. Louis, Missouri – The ad blitz supporting Proposition B-Careful is in full force. A big budget ad buy of Prop B television commercials features warm and fuzzy images of school kids and compassionate health caregivers. After all, how could anyone be against helping Missouri education and Health Programs?

Everyone is for smart kids and good health. But whether or not Missouri education and health budgets experience overall increases is the real issue. And this critical distinction has received little to no media attention to date. States On The Take, a state government watchdog hopes to change that.

Its true States On The Take can’t compete with special interests spending millions pushing the largest tax increase proposal on its citizens. However, to help inform concerned voters on Proposition B-Careful, States On The Take has launched a 50,000+ direct mail education program. Concerned citizens can access the postcard mailer via immediate download:

There’s also nothing that prohibits the legislature from taking funding out of the back door (re-directing or diverting funding) from education programs funded by Proposition B through the front door.

As States On The Take contributing consultant Charles Andy Arnold recently shared, "I’ve seen this ‘help our kids” budget shell game before. The lottery, tobacco settlement and casino money are prime examples. It was the wrong way then. And it’s the wrong way now. History has proven this to be true.”

In short, Proposition B-Careful is a tax increase. There is nothing in Proposition B’s fine print that guarantees increased funding levels for current education or health programs.

Arnold also noted a hidden danger no one has addressed, not even Attorney General Chris Koster. “There’s also nothing that prohibits the legislature from taking funding out of the back door (re-directing or diverting funding) from education programs funded by Proposition B through the front door.”

Proposition B-Careful appears to be another in a 10-year parade of tobacco tax-and-spend shell games sponsored by Missouri special interests. If history is any guide, this approach will take Missouri down the wrong road of broken promises for a 4th time.

Concerned citizens deserve a right to the whole truth regarding this tax increase before Election Day. Citizen participation is needed immediately. Learn the real story on Proposition B-Careful by downloading the mailer here:

States on the Take is a government watchdog website, with an eight-year record of holding state government accountable. States on the Take was the first to reveal and brand the "stealth cartel" of "Big Tobacco" and state government collusion. This stealth cartel constructed and implemented the de-facto monopoly that is the “Master Settlement Agreement” between “Big Tobacco” and 47 states. Now Proposition B-Careful represents another similar alliance.

Charles Andy Arnold is a principal owner of Arnold & Associates, a Missouri Consulting, Public Affairs & Lobbying firm. Mr. Arnold is at the forefront of Tobacco Policy in Missouri. States on the Take has teamed with allies like Charles Andy Arnold regarding the reality of Proposition B-Careful, so that informed choices are made on Proposition B come Election Day.

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