Lisbon Real-Estate Show Highlights Hybrid Business Center In SIL 2012 Awards

The Lisbon real-estate show highlighted the virtual offices and the coworking projects of the 2012 edition of the SIL awards

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Lisbon/Portugal – Lisbon, 17th October 2012 – The Avila Business Centers, a company of turnkey physical spaces for renting, was finalist in the highly regarded SIL awards 2012, and saw its project “Hybrid Center: offices, coworking and virtual offices Centers” reaching the finals in two categories of the Lisbon Real Estate Show (SIL) – the Offices Rental and Offices Real-Estate Entrepreneurship categories.
The Hybrid Business Center is a new concept of Business Centers which gathers, in only one place, several solutions that respond to modern professionals and companies needs in the offices rental, coworking and virtual offices areas.
The Avila Business Centers is proud to have created the first Hybrid Business Center in Portugal, in an offer which warrants these three aspects in an integrated way, complementing its service with the myOffice app, pioneer at a worldwide level, which allows you to be in contact with your clients in real time.
The objectives of the Hybrid Business Center passes through assure an integrated and flexible services offer which allows companies to respond effectively to your needs in terms of workspaces and secretariat support. This concept applies to companies, but also to liberal professionals and independent workers, independently of your business dimension. The Hybrid Business Center is fitted for startup companies, which start their activity with a Virtual Office package, and that are searching for a flexible and low costs model. Besides avoiding fixed and variable costs, namely with personnel, rents, taxes and maintenance, micro and small companies turning to this service have at their disposal a Center which values interaction among companies and professionals, with the purpose of reinforce their contact network (networking), establish partnerships and share information, namely through the workshops made in place and exclusive to members.
Freelancers which work alone, also found in Coworking an adaptable solution to the professionals needs. Consultants, designers, web designers, IT’s, architects, journalists, lawyers and other professionals not needing a conventional office may use a secretariat support which offers the virtual office service, with a professional multilingual telephonic answering, correspondence reception and other facilities. For the Virtual Office users there is always the option of punctual work stations (on a hotdesking regime) or of meeting rooms for work sessions.
Besides, also the teleworkers may find in this solution an alternative work place which stimulates creativity and productivity, allowing individuals to re-establish routines, separating their personal and professional life and avoiding social isolation, very frequent in professionals not working on a traditional office. The networking opportunity and business partnerships, such as the possibility of using meeting rooms and support of a professional secretariat in the “Virtual Office” area, are inherent added values to the Coworking concept and which benefit these professionals.
For the big companies, which traditionally choose an office rental model, the Coworking concept introduces a paradigm change which benefits productivity and dynamism, besides allowing costs savings and processes optimization. This concept is particularly attracting to foreign companies that may use the Center as a support point among workers and clients, a prestige Address and with good accessibilities.
In the Hybrid Business Center, clients find much more than space to work. The Avila Business Centers proposal warrants the secretariat support, telephonic answering, access to meeting rooms, state of the art technology and the possibility of, when case needed, to work from home with a permanent connection to the office, through the Virtual Office service.
After knowing the nomination to the project “Hybrid Center: offices, coworking and virtual offices Centers” for the final in two categories for the SIL awards 2012, Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of the company did not hide his satisfaction. «We are very proud to receive a nomination is two categories of the main prize of the national real-estate sector, a fact which proves this market gives attention to innovative concepts which offer valid solutions for professionals and companies searching for dynamic workspaces and of low costs, through a turnkey service». Carlos Gonçalves also assumes that «this nomination reveals the market recognition for the projects developed by our company, which counts with more than 400 national and International clients.

About the Avila Business Centers
Founded in 2004, the Avila Business Centers besides renting turnkey physical workspaces for companies (offices and coworking spaces), is leader in the virtual offices business where presents solutions with prices between 50 and 80 Euros per month. They have several services associated, among them legal and financial support, personalized telephone answering and access to the potentialities of remote management of the myOffice app for mobile devices: Android, iPhone and iPad – the first virtual office worldwide app for mobile devices. Currently it counts with more than 400 national and international clients and is member and representative in Portugal of the major Business Center network in the World, the eOffice International Network, with more than 300 locations and managed from the United Kingdom. Avila Business Centers has its premises in Lisbon, in Avenida da República and in Avenida João Crisóstomo. It won two awards: the 2011 Call Center trophy and the 2012 IDC CIO Awards, which recognized the myOffice app as one of the ten best technological Portuguese projects. Also this year, received an Honorable Mention from the Endeavor Awards 2012 (Prémios Empreender), of the Lisbon Real Estate Show (SIL). For more information visit