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emPower has developed PracTutor, an inspired e-learning web application which transforms education to another level. With this enchanted learning mechanism; students can get the learning in a fun-filled environment.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Louisville, KY – emPower has developed PracTutor, an inspired e-learning web application which transforms education to another level. With this enchanted learning mechanism; students can get the learning in a fun-filled environment.

With so many e-learning courses available in the market recently, it becomes very difficult for the parents to choose the most comprehending e-learning package for their children. Lots of companies are either going for practice tests or tutorials but they are not making it interactive and interesting for children.

Creativity and logic are some of the basic criteria required for creating an amazing e-learning experience for children. The courses should be designed in such a manner that alongwith learning children should have an enjoyable experience. Parents are often concerned about Maths and English being two primary subjects which can make or break the academic career of their child. Taking this into consideration, emPower, a part of Mediscribes INC has developed PracTutor, an ingenious web-based application which not only takes care of the academic progress of the child through online learning math and English; but also provides interactive support to the children through one-on-one counseling from Maths and English expert teachers.


Registration and Online Pre-assessment Test: Sign-up on PracTutor. The system will prompt the student to take online test which will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. It is usually based on the grade level of the student. For lower grades i.e., from Grade 1 to 5, there will be lots of images and practice test which will evaluate the understanding level of the child.
Creation of Custom Learning Path: After accessing the knowledge of the student on the subject matter our intelligent algorithm devises a learning plan for the student for each topic in sync with common core curriculum and state boards.
Detailed Explanation of Topics: Once the learning plan has been devised for the student a detailed explanation of each topic relevant to the curriculum is provided with 2-3 videos and resources in accordance with the needs of the student.
Practice Management: The student then practices basic problems to understand the topic. Then we provide word/story based problems to master the topic. This can specially be helpful for preparing CogAT, NNAT, Math Olympiad and other gifted student’s examinations.
Thorough Guidance from Experts: Our Maths and English expert teachers provide regular inputs to the students and teach them on any topic that they are facing difficulties. One tutor is assigned to one student which makes it easier for the student to get undivided attention from the tutors.


Exclusive combination of online practice, videos and tutorials which makes the learning process exciting
Compliance with common core standards which have been adopted by 45 of the 50 U.S. states
With every paid subscription on PracTutor we sponsor 1 child in India which includes tutoring, learning material, stationery, school uniform, shoes, socks, belts and bags, nutrition supplements, health care services and educational tours
Undivided attention from Maths and English experts gives utmost satisfaction to the student and solves their concern

PracTutor has given a new dimension to the e-learning process. With the help of this 21st Century Learning mechanism you can expect enchanted learning which will open up a new chapter in the e-learning business. It will not only transform education to another level but it will also make it more fun-loving and entertaining for students.

Behold all the parents the answer to your problems is here!

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Started in April -2012, PracTutor ( is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. PracTutor is part of emPower Training Solutions ( that has been providing online compliance solutions to 100+ healthcare practices and hospitals since the last 4 years.

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