SEO India, Bsolutions offers Free Website Marketing SEO Review

Website Marketing SEO Firm India, BSolutions is now offering free website SEO review to help your website generate more clicks and higher rankings on search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – SEO India, BSolutions ( is now offering free website SEO review to those who are looking for SEO services. Our SEO service experts will analyze your website free of charge.

There are various aspects involved in an effective Website SEO Analysis. BSolutions, India will analyze your website free of charge and will help understand how to improve traffic/rankings of your website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO will help take your website beyond your competitors, and towards the much-coveted number 1 position.

Some of the basic aspects of effective Search Engine Optimization strategy include:-

1. Keyword Analysis

While designing websites, finding the right keywords involves major research and is one of the hardest and also, time-consuming task. It involves using keywords by which you would like to be found, and then finding out if anyone searches these keywords and how popular they are. For particular keywords, options might have to be chosen which give a better search-to-competition ratio. It is quite important to ensure keywords are relevant and specific to each of the web pages. Each web page has to be optimized individually depending on the content of that page.

2. SEO Friendly Website Design

There are goals that a webmaster should try to achieve when designing websites. It should be visually pleasing to customers and the website will also be the first introduction to your business and has to be professionally written. It has to provide them with easy access to information that they are looking for. With all this hard work, attracting visitors to the website, the last thing that you want to do is see them press the BACK button as soon as they arrive. The primary aim of each web page should be to offer something that the visitor is looking for or to direct them to that page.

Secondly, the website has to be search engine friendly. To ensure all the website’s pages are properly indexed with all search engines, it is vital to avoid broken links, automatic redirects, an all-flash or all-images pages. Also, every page should have unique and informative text.

3. Optimized Website Content

With the website’s code optimized for search engine readiness, and your keywords chosen to match the message that you want to put across to customers, now comes the task of writing those content-rich web pages that will sell your product or service. Writing rich content which contains necessary keywords and yet remains easy to read without being stilted, involves much thought and can take time. Websites optimized in this manner and avoiding quick fix Black Hat techniques are thus, more likely to ensure a constant flow of targeted traffic to your business. It would also prevent your website from getting penalized or even banned completely.

4. Link Analysis

Many major search engines, and most importantly Google, attach great importance to a
Natural Link Profile when indexing a website. Sadly, it’s not just a matter of incorporating as many links coming in and going out of your site as you can but also, great emphasis has to be placed on factors like who you’re linking to, using associated links from well-respected websites, and positioning your link near a small paragraph of relevant Anchor text that contains keywords associated to the page that the link is pointing towards.

Considerable amount of time can be spent creating a natural linking pattern for your website. By avoiding link farms and reciprocal-link requests from shady websites and concentrating on linking to and from respected and authoritative web sites. Thus, you will be well on your way to success and if you are not sure if the website is respected, sometimes common sense can be your best friend. If the answer to ‘would you like to tell your friends and family to visit this wonderful website’ is a no then you have your answer.

5. Submit, Review, Revise, Submit again, and keep going!

Optimization is an ongoing project so it is quite important to review your rankings at least once a month, and also, to compare your website against the competition. Not only do new websites crop up all the time but also, search engines, have to continuously change their ranking criteria, so that a ranking on the first page today may suddenly drop to page 3 in the following week. It is quite necessary for a website to grow in size and content, otherwise it might just fall behind many other websites on the Internet fighting for the top ranking that you are searching for.

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