Rare eye mutation and diagnosis helps Hollywood Radio/ TV personality truly see

.To some, 27 year old Michael Precise has it all, from being on the radio, TV as well as hanging out with local artists and celebrities what more could one dream about? looking at Mike with normal eyes its hard to notice that Mike has Kertatoconus and going Blind rapidly.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Los Angeles, California, 90044 – Michael Precise looks like a regular normal healthy individual who has is career straight ahead of him, A young skillful, handsome Man that holds a career as a radio broadcaster and TV personality in the Hollywood entertainment indusrty that most people would dream about, but dont let your own eyes fool you because if you closely look and watch you would be able to tell that Mike is having some sort of troulbe seeing due to his facial gestures as well as the constant squinting that takes place, Most people thought that Mike needed glasses and would tell him that and Mike would usually just laugh and smile about the jokes being made at him knowing the real and true reason why he squinted and made facial gestures was because he was diagnosed with one of the rarest eyes diseaes that could strike a Human being causing a mutation within the Cornea that tranforms the inner and outter layers info a cone shaped pocket which causes pressure within the head and astigmatism in both eyes which makes waking up every morning difficult, This rare mutation has no Cure so the one infected slowly and painfully loses there vision at a rapid rate, Mike doesn't let this him down though , and date that he hasn't been cursed but blessed with this disease, He States that if it wasn't for the Keratocona he wouldn't be where he was now and he certainly wouldn't know or be the Man that he is now. Mike hasq single handedly taught himself SEO Anyalitics and mastered Internet Marketing on one of the hardest known platforms of today which is Google and the Google search engine and the optimization that came with it. Mike has no problems and two months he was 88% optimized with a web ranking at a 9.5, he also founded Rawe Feed Entertainment and was ranked 16 in the World in the hip hop genre as well as givin two separate 5 Star ratings before becoming syndicated to Los Angeles number one ranked web radio station which is Urban Indie Radio.com. Mike says that he doesn't think about what he has thats negative but focuses on the positive....He says that he reminds himself of the story in the Bible with the famous teaching that States "I once was BLIND but now I see" Mike is the true meaning of what that teaching is all about