Voltage optimisation – improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will affect around 5,000 large businesses and public sector organisations that consume over 6,000 MW hours of electricity. A failure to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions will result in financial and reputational penalties, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – Organisations with large energy spends are soon to be affected by new legislation that comes into force in April 2010. The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) is the UK’s new legally binding climate change and energy saving scheme that aims to reduce the energy consumption of commercial building users.

Why voltage optimisation is key to improving energy efficiency

The voltage supplied to the majority of sites is above the level it needs to be. This leads to losses in many types of equipment. As electricity is delivered, voltage drops across the grid, thus it needs to be fed into the system at a high level. Voltage optimisation therefore deals with the discrepancy between the actual supply voltage you receive (207V - 253V) and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs (220V). Voltage optimisation is a key component of every energy efficiency programme and can, on its own, deliver savings of up to 20% on electricity bills.
It also increases equipment lifetime and reduces maintenance.

Funding for public sector organisations- why pay for voltage optimisation when you don’t have to!

Organisations seeking funding for their energy efficiency projects, including installing voltage optimisation technology, can apply for funding from Salix Finance. Salix Finance offers interest-free loans based on a payback of up to five years and no credit checks are required.

The loans are available to local authorities, NHS hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and any other public body not directly controlled by central government. Voltage optimisation from Envido qualifies for interest-free Salix loans.