South Africans Can Now Compare Hundreds of Medical Aids

New website, helps thousands of South African citizens to compare hundreds on medical aid schemes.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – 10/22/2012, Worcester, Mpumalanga – Worcester, Mpumalanga Many South African people have a difficult time choosing between medical aids because there are so many different plans out there. These plans have different costs and benefits. The new website makes it easier for people in South Africa to find out about the variety of different plans that are out there. The site then breaks down hundreds of plans so that individuals can see how they compare. The website has partnered with a prominent medical aid comparison engine to provide them with a greater amount of information about medical aids that are available to them.

When deciding between medical aids, it is important for people to have information about aspects such as chronic illness, psychiatric or hospice care and hospital stay coverage. South Africans need to know that if they get chronically sick, their medical aid plans will cover them. ) helps them to be able to make informed decisions about which plans to choose. Receiving facts on different medical aids means that they have ultimately go with plans that will cover them and their families if they need to see their doctors or stay in the hospital for long periods of time because of illness or injury.

Through its medical aid comparison( ) service, can save South Africans thousands of dollars on health insurance. The company assists them on finding the most affordable plans with the best overall coverage. The comparisons include information on the costs of the different plans. South Africans can see how much contrasting hospital, network and comprehensive plans cost while also weighing the benefits of choosing these plans. They can also get a sense of whether co-payments are part of the plans. Having co-payments means that they incur additional costs for medical care.

When they receive medical aid information from the website, South African people can get an understanding about how the plans will cover them. The comparisons feature information on the number of visits, the amount of medications and the number of people that different plans cover. People can get comparison information on different companies to decide which company will best suit their needs.

Applying for medical aid comparisons is simple. People just have to fill out an online form with information about their family sizes, provinces and suburbs, and agents will get back to them quickly to provide them with information about different medical aids available. When they receive quotes, people are under no obligation to purchase any medical aids. They can get more information about medical aids on the website.

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