Bohm Autographics Offers Attractive Solutions to Freeze the Cars in Frames

For car enthusiasts looking for some good solutions to make their vehicles attractive, Bohm Autographics helps with great car graphic designs

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – 10/22/2012, Mandurah, WA – Mandurah, WA People who share a beautiful love affair with cars are the only ones who can gauge what the cars mean to them - Bohm Autographics seems to share the same deep passion for cars and has come up with trendy auto graphics for all cars and bike lovers. This company is a leading name in the field of auto graphics and is believed to freeze the cars and bikes in frames, literally.

Bohm Autographics extends services of car graphics - it makes portraits of cars and bikes. The portraits made by this company are said to be as good as the original and many of those who have hired the services of Bohm Autographics previously have opined that the portraits almost look real and they are more than satisfied with the services they have received.

It seems that Bohm Autographics works in a very smooth manner. People who are interested in getting the car graphics done need to send in a few photographs of the car or bike they want to immortalize. They will also be required to send details like number plate of the car or bike, along with modifications, unique features color, wheels and badges. The company insists on clients providing these details because the portrait makers claim that these small details are of extreme importance if the portrait has to be good and life like.

The details have to be mailed to the company or those interested will have to fill out a form available on the website of the company. The graphics are done in keeping with every single detail and custom decals are also added to the portraits. Be it a modern vehicle or a priceless vintage one, the company says that it has pleasantly surprised their clients always.

Bohm Autographics was the brainchild of Tony, who always had a knack of making portraits of cars and bikes. He made his first drawing when he was four years old. Drawing has always been an integral part of Tony's life and he had always has an eye for details. With time, he transformed his love for painting into a business venture and has reportedly been very successful in his endeavor.

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