HappyTODOS- A comprehensive web based project management tool launched

HappyTODOS is a web based project management tool to help business owners manage their daily to-dos based on priorities.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Netanya, ISrael – HappyTODOS is a new contender in the area of project management field. It is newly launched but within few years of its inception has been able to make its presence through its overall usability and intuitive design. It has finally released the latest version of its interface and is now live over the internet. Project managers, freelancers as well as SMB’s can now use this tool to manage their projects in an easy, user-friendly and colorful interface, to give new dimension to their entire project management system.

HappyTODOS is a SaaS product developed by Entagy Web Solutions. Through their constant effort and wide area of research on usage of various project management software available online today, the founder of Entagy Web Solutions Mrs. Neta Gorelik has claimed that; no project management system has ever provided with real time data to see how each change to a project affects schedules, how the project cost fluctuates across project life cycle and priority based work distribution across resources changes. This is where the need of online project management software to address such issue was finally realized and HappyTODOS was given the final shape.

HappyTODOS intends to address the three main basic questions that surface while dealing with any kind of project! Who is working on what? When project will be complete? And what is the project cost? If these three issues are properly addressed in project management, projects are never out of control in terms of core risk factors that may hamper the process of project management say Mrs. Neta Gorelik.

So, all project based firms can now be well assured that their projects are on right track while managing them with HappyTODOS as it intends to address the three most important concerns in project management i.e Skill set to deal on project, Time to complete and Budget to manage.

The latest version of HappyTODOS also includes some outstanding features like personal task tray, drag and drop tool bar, priority setter and progress reports on how much of the task or project is left to be done, along with estimated time/dates below each project list.

Well, If one is not sure about other project management tools available online, this one would be fun for user who would love to save few hours to invest in their next/future projects. Also, if managing projects under budget is a concern, this tool would provide a lasting impression for start-ups, business owner's who would like to save few dollars from their project to enhance their business and workforce.

About HappyTODOS:

HappyTODOS is a web based project management tool to help business owners manage their daily to-dos based on priorities. It serves as a project management tool for project managers and keeps track of all work activities happening within a team. It also features other important function like generate real time reports, time tracking, milestones, daily work schedules, calendars, reminders, notification, updates and store and share data and resources instantly.