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It is launched with a purpose of entrenching a platform that can cater to the people with immense thirst for gaining knowledge about India and its true colours.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, – India, 26th October, 2012 – India is a land of varied culture, religions, arts, crafts, industries, languages and thus is rightly knows as a secular state. Every aspect of India whether it is Indian culture, Indian cuisines, Indian crafts, Indian arts or even religions of India have a very profound history and in – depth insights that many people from varied countries seek to know. Due to numerous pilgrimage places and other tourist attractions that India has, it has always been one of the most sought after destinations for the visitors from all countries of the world. Before visiting India, tourists are interested to know details about the Indian culture for which it is acknowledged all over the world. Indian crafts and Indian arts always excite them as they also plan to purchase some of these items as a souvenir or memento for themselves and their friends and family members.

Although there is a huge demand to know more information about India and its various facets like Indian cuisines, religions of India, Indian industry, culture, crafts and arts, etc., there are hardly any sources that can give holistic information about all of these aspects together. People, who wish to gain some knowledge about these, often need to struggle to find a source that can give them genuine, correct and complete information. Internet is obviously a source where you can find various sites based on India and its different phases, but can you really consider the information complete? Moreover, these sites are largely focused to cover only one of the many faces of India instead of having a comprehensive approach of providing information. Thus, there is a need of a source that can provide comprehensive information on all subjects related to India. is one the rarest sites that provides all compassing and wide – ranging information about Indian cuisines, Indian industry, religions in India, culture, arts, crafts, famous pilgrimage places and much more. It is launched with a purpose of entrenching a platform that can cater to the people with immense thirst for gaining knowledge about India and its true colours. The site is developed by the experts and has a whole team of content partners who make sure that it is always maintained to give utmost information to its visitors.

Curious about the gaining popularity of this site, we visited one of the senior spokesperson of and she enunciated, “We launched this site in 1998 with an aim to reach out to people who want to know about Indian culture, Indian cuisines, Indian arts and crafts, etc. We wanted to build a platform where anyone who wants to know anything about India, can easily find it on our site and we have done it. With the launch of this site we have endeavoured to ensure that people do not find it difficult to collect information on anything related to India. Moreover, we offer details on every aspect, all at one site which makes it easy and time – saving for the visitors to know anything.”

With the passage of time, has managed to provide a plethora of information on various faces of India. From history to the current affairs pertaining to India, you will find it all here.

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