Pause Button Therapy Martin & Marion Shirran with Fiona Graham Presents Pause Think Decide Act

Published worldwide by Hay House October 2012 £12.99 How “Pressing Pause” can be all that’s needed to make a life changing difference!

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Fuengirola – Fuengirola, Spain, October 26, 2012 -- Published worldwide by Hay House October 2012 £12.99 How “Pressing Pause” can be all that’s needed to make a life changing difference! How helpful would it be if one could occasionally just pause – freeze time like they do in the movies for a few moments and consider the consequences of the actions one is about to take?

If one “paused” for a second think how things might turn out differently? Would one snap at husband or wife so sharply? Would one shout at their child when they’re winding up? Would one's child think twice about bullying in the playground? Would a young gang teenager think of the consequences of their actions if they pulled a knife?

Pause Button Therapy is a proven, innovative and interactive new therapy technique that allows one to do exactly this, empowering one to break out of negative habits and unconscious responses. PBT is based on an incredibly simple idea, but can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their actions and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

PBT has been hugely successful in the treatment of everything from addictions and weight issues to depression, anxiety and relationship problems, and this book will show one the many ways in which one can use it to transform experience of life!

This is a simple, practical, effective technique that even a young child can grasp. PBT uses the idea of the Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Play buttons on a remote control device to help people give themselves more thinking time when faced with decisions. It teaches them how to ensure that they make the best possible use of that time to weigh up the potential consequences of their actions. This allows them to incorporate a blend of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with PBT to live more effectively in the present.

With countless successful case studies the authors have treated with PBT and with plans to make this therapy available to schools, colleges, businesses and within the prison services this book and the Shirrans’ work will leave a lasting testament that just “pausing” for a second or two and thinking of the consequences of a single action can have an incredibly transformative effect on one’s and other’s lives.

Notes to Editors:
Pause Button Therapy is available for serialisation and extract
There are countless amazing case studies that the Shirrans have successfully treated with this therapy. They include
Primary School Children suffering with a number of behavioural problems
Clients using the therapy to Stop Smoking and overcome other addictive problems.
Clients incorporating the therapy in Anger Management treatment.
Other uses have included, Relationship Counselling overcoming Panic Attacks etc
The Shirrans would be more than happy to conduct a one to one session with a journalist or reader on the transformational properties of PBT
The authors are experienced in talking on both TV & Radio about their work and answering live calls
PBT is currently being trialled in UK Primary Schools and other schools across Europe, with plans in place to undertake trials in UK Young Offender Institutions.
PBT is a hugely topical and important tool for the 21st Century

About Martin and Marion Shirran
Martin and Marion Shirran are both trained hypnotherapists and own and run the Elite Clinics in Spain, where they use a combination of therapies to successfully treat a wide range of problems.

"In trials children and young people instantly grasped how they could use PBT to change their behaviour".

The Shirrans have created a brilliantly simple and powerful technique for making life choices and effecting positive change. - Dr Leila Edwards, Principal, Transformations Institute.

 This approach makes sense to everyone, from teachers to psychologists to parents and students. It is wonderfully simple, but simply effective. - Stelios N. Georgiou, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Cyprus.

PBT is a very simple yet powerful form of therapy. It has the potential to change lives for the better and in doing so have a positive impact on the stresses in today's world. - Lynn Crilly, Author & Counselor.

This book clearly describes a technique that can be employed to very good effect in a range of therapies. I recommend its use. - Windy Dryden PhD, Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London.

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