Dr.Cox Assists with Achieving the Best Healthy Smile in Brookhaven

Brookhaven Orthodontics, a premier clinic by certified orthodontist Dr. Cox promises the best cutting edge orthodontic treatment in Brookhaven with invisalign and lingual braces added to the traditional brace options

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – 10/22/2012, Atlanta, GA – Atlanta, GA A healthy smile with perfect teeth alignment is always desired. Brookhaven residents worried to smile given their uneven teeth issues seem to have the ideal help - Dr.Cox, the leading Brookhaven Orthodontist has been helping the patients achieve the best healthy smile with state of the art Orthodontics Brookhaven.

Dr. Cox is a certified orthodontist and MS from the Orthodontics department at the esteemed University of Alabama. "Dr. Cox believes that there's never a single treatment to rectify every smile. Thus, here every treatment follows after a thorough examination of the patient's unique structure and problem. We are whole-heartedly dedicated to the latest developments in the orthodontic technology and thus can assure to come with the best orthodontic solution in Brookhaven", stated a spokesperson from Brookhaven Orthodontics, Dr. Cox's clinic. He added that they always make sure to help the patients with a bespoke form of treatment that would effectively fulfill their preferences and needs.

Dr. Cox's clinic informed of their extensive range of Brookhaven braces. Added to the traditional braces like the metallic options and the clear braces, the orthodontist Brookhaven is also equipped to provide with the cutting edge Brookhaven invisalign and the lingual braces.

"We want to offer our patients with a variety of treatment options and hence have prepared us with a wide stock of braces Brookhaven. We understand that the conventional braces look awkward and thus we have included the advanced invisible invisalign Brookhaven braces to retain the aesthetic appeal of the smile even when it's under braces", the clinic manager commented while speaking about their treatment options offered here. The clinic would also help with removable appliances that would be effective for the minor teeth correction.

Every treatment in Brookhaven Orthodontics is preceded by a complete initial consultation to identify the actual problem.

While approached about the treatment fees, another representative from the clinic mentioned that the treatment fees here would vary as per the problem severity. Howbeit he confirmed that Brookhaven Orthodontics are considerate enough and are offering the patients with a flexible in-office & zero interest payment options.

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