OpenCL CodeBench from Amdahl Software streamlines OpenCL software creation.

Amdahl Software provides multi-core software productivity and software development for the multi-core market. We target standards including OpenMP, OpenCL and threads. Products include OpenCL Codebench and Parallel Xtractor

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Englewood, Colorado – - Amdahl Software, an innovator in development tools for multi-core software, today announced the beta release of OpenCL CodeBench.

OpenCL CodeBenchTM is a code creation and productivity tools suite designed to accelerate and simplify OpenCLTM software development. OpenCL CodeBench provides developers with automation tools for host code and unit test bench generation. Kernel code development on OpenCL is accelerated and enhanced through a language aware editor delivering advanced incremental code analysis features. Development tasks that would normally take hours are reduced to minutes, in part because users work at a higher level of abstraction. Software Programmers new to OpenCL can choose to be guided through an EclipseTM wizard, while the power users can leverage the command line interface with XML-based configuration files. The result is a high quality OpenCL project with unified and compatible host and kernel code, rapidly developed in a streamlined and organized environment.

“The semiconductor and software industries are moving rapidly toward multi-core,” states Erik Duymelinck, architect and lead developer of OpenCL CodeBench. “Multi-core software development is not simple and software development tools have not kept pace with the emergence of multi-core processor architectures and systems. A consequence is extended product development time.” Erik added, “OpenCL CodeBench was designed to empower software engineers and provide them with the resources required to realize higher productivity.”

At the heart of OpenCL CodeBench is a state-of-the-art parser. The core technology enables a myriad of productivity features: semantic checking, syntax coloring, code completion, and annotations with quick fixes, to name a few. The kernel editor, complemented with the powerful host code generator, make OpenCL CodeBench an essential tool for the multi-core software developer.

OpenCL CodeBench Beta is now available for Linux and Windows operating systems. We invite you to visit, test drive the tools for 30 days and form your own opinion.

About Amdahl Software:
Amdahl Software was founded in Colorado in early 2012 by a dedicated team of software and semiconductor industry veterans. The Amdahl Software mission is to provide software productivity tools, that enable programmers to work at a higher level of abstraction and by doing so, simplify the multi-core development process.
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