NicheTrainings Launches Platform to Provide Means for all to Learn New Skills Through Brief Videos

NicheTrainings provides simple tools to quickly upload brief videos and monetize by making them available to everyone at an affordable price. Features include, multi-language subtitles, course bundling, author collaboration, and course recommendation.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Atlanta, GA – "NicheTrainings is indeed a very innovative learning platform. It is like a virtual professor, a virtual consultant where you can learn a lot via the video lecture presentations",Vincent Bongolan, Statitician and Author.

Atlanta, GA October 26th, 2012

The online learning platform today went live with its first product called the “Lesson”. This product is an easy-to-use social learning platform that enables anyone to share their skills by uploading their content in a few easy steps. The author can make his/her course freely available or for a profit. Subscribers can browse/search and view courses of their favorite topics on Technology, Business, Art, etc. People can take courses on NicheTrainings to learn new skills, pursue their passion, or as a quick reference to up keep their skills.

The product comes with the following features:-

• Simple Three Step Upload Process – Provides the ability to select a subject matter category, upload a video course (10 to 15 minutes long), and assign a price ($2 to $10).
• Upload Subtitles – Provides the ability to upload subtitle files in close to 25 languages.
• Great Free Courses – Enjoy a great collection of free courses in various subject matters.
• Course Bundles – Authors have the ability to bundle their courses and offer a great package at a very attractive price.

• Feature Rich Course Viewer Page – The course viewer page is filled with rich features such as:-
o Ability to watch the video in compact mode or full screen mode with full subtitles
o Ability to dynamically switch the subtitle language selection if more than one subtitle is available for the video
o A detailed author bio with ability to contact the author directly
o A section that displays all the videos that belong to the author
o A section that displays all videos that belong to a bundle if the course is a part of the bundle
o Write a review, rate the course, and read other subscribers reviews and ratings

• Recommendation Engine – recommends new courses for subscribers based on courses similar to what the subscriber has watched in the past
• Robust Search – Ability to search across multiple metadata fields such as course title, course description, author name, etc…

“Our goal is to create the world’s best video knowledge sharing platform” said Glen West, CTO of NicheTrainings. The NicheTrainings business model is to host author’s courses for free. By providing this service, NicheTrainings offers an earning potential to individuals with concise and compelling content, but do not have the time or means to setup their own training class or website. The author may assign a price tag for the course ranging from $2 to $10. When a course sells, the publisher receives 70% of the selling price (less credit card processing fees).

This product is the first in line of three other exciting products in the roadmap for 2012 and 2013.