State Dental Care Regulations Need Revisions Reports

A recent study shows that the State is not substantially addressing the need for oral care in its childcare regulations.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Costa Mesa, CA – A recent study shows that the state is not substantially addressing the need for oral care in its childcare regulations. In fact, only one third of its regulations are dedicated to the areas of dental health care. These regulations are created by the American Academy of Pediatrics alongside the American Public Health Association and the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Childcare and Early Education.

The study was conducted by a few authors, of which the leader Juhee Kim, made a statement, “Considering the rising rates of both obesity and dental caries among preschool children, childcare can be an important point of intervention in today's society.” She went on to defend her point by saying, “We hope that the findings will prompt childcare providers to develop and implement comprehensive feeding and oral health care policies.”

Federal and State officials are at a pivotal and convenient point when it comes to these regulations. Since they are imposed on child care providers, they can have a hand in the prevention of dental health problems in children. In a time where the economy is not where most would like it to be, more parents have been forced to raise families in a two parent working household. Over 75% of children are now receiving their early child care from day-care centers, and non parental sources. These centers are subject to the regulations and have an effect on the children’s dental health.

The report was named Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs and was compared to regulations already in place in the 50 states and also in the District of Columbia from Feb-April 2010.

The purpose of the study was to prevent the increasing rate of childhood dental health problems. These statistics are made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overall the study aims to create awareness on the increased health issues that arise when a child does not get adequate dental care. is the website of Costa Mesa dentist Dr Richard Y Boerner. Dr Boerner graduated at the top of his USC dental school class and has received numerous awards.

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