Secondbeat launch will get peoples exercise and nutrition in balance

Secondbeat launched on Indiegogo

SecondBeat™ is especially designed to help people like you, that are health aware, to optimize their blood vessel fitness and energy level!

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – The Hague, The Netherlands – The Secondbeat watch uses a laser sensor that measures the interaction between your red blood cells and the blood vessel wall lined with the endothelial cells. Presently used in aeronautics now ready to be manufactured for the regular consumer. Sophisticated signal processing is employed in real time to measure your endothelial functioning and micro-circulation. Endothelial function is the ability of your endothelial inner lining of your blood vessels to manage your blood flow. To make the Secondbeat laser watch simple to understand and useful, it provides one total score that you need to maximize during your lifestyle activities like exercise, diet, exposure to toxins like alcohol, sleep, etc.

Secondbeat was developed by Dr Gerry Pohost, world famous cardiologist pioneer of heart MRI and Dr Ehud Baron a well known scientist and inventor

This is much more than the usual activity scores, calories counting, heart rate and pedometer. Our sensor provides data from the inside of the blood vessel - the endothelium inner lining of all the blood vessels. It will give real data on a continuous basis. And it will give your personal information suitable for your unique physiology, not what is good for an average person.