NetClarify Has Launched: Save Your Reputation Or End Up A Statistic

NetClarify launches an online reputation management tool for college students this month. The service was founded by former deans and privacy experts and operates in Gainesville, Fla. For more information, go to

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Gainesville, Fla. – College is the experience of a lifetime, social media is capturing it all, and NetClarify has just released a reputation management tool that can save a student’s reputation when it comes time to get a job. Students entering the workforce should know one statistic: 70 percent of hiring managers have rejected candidates based on negative Web content, according to research commissioned by Microsoft.

This month, NetClarify launched its reputation management tool created by former college deans and a placement chair who have seen their students lose opportunities because they were unaware of how their online profiles portrayed them.

Often a student “Googling” him or herself will not see the whole online reputation story. Employers can have more advanced search tools and are looking for items to rule out candidates.

“Students need a tool that lets them see how they will appear to employers who are researching them. This is the only way they can clean up potentially damaging online content before it becomes a problem,” said Jon Mills, co-founder and chairman of NetClarify.

NetClarify’s tool, a lite version of which users can try for free, pulls information from more than 100 social sites, the general Internet, criminal records, property records and public records to give students a well-rounded view of how they appear to employers. The tool collects information that has been posted by the student himself or another source about the student, and then identifies which information will send up a red flag for employers.

From there, a student can work to remove the nights of partying, poor language choices and previously unknown rumors him or herself, or he or she can use the tips NetClarify provides to have them removed by a third party.


About NetClarify
Every day, NetClarify's founders - who are deans and professors - see the reputation issues students deal with when they apply for jobs and graduate schools. As students applied for jobs and graduate schools, they would tell the company's founders about the problems posed by outdated, incorrect and misleading information. Students wanted to see what decision makers saw as they researched candidates, and they needed a way to clear up potentially damaging information. And from that NetClarify was born!

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