Windows 8 Launch: SiteTrail Analysis Up 200% As A Result
10/25/2012 reports an increase of 200% as a result of the Windows 8 launch today. Research and analysis platform highly compatible with Windows8. Sitetrail also announces the introduction of new education and job channels for web enthusiasts.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – London – analysis has seen a huge increase today as a result of the introduction of Windows 8. Whilst Tech giants from around the globe watched carefully to measure the impact on their brands, experienced an exponential rush from users making use of it’s Webmaster tools and analysis section.

“We knew that any impact from the Apple iPad Mini would be met with unchanged levels of engagement from our users, however it is clear that as there are other research tools which may yet to become fully compatible with Windows 8.” SiteTrail is in a great position as our users reported great compatibility between Windows 8 and’s web analysis tools.

With over 300 million visitors in a relatively short scope of time, is poised for further growth. provides free webmaster tools which, allowing IP checks, in depth statistical analysis and the sort of tools that web enthusiasts, private investigators, webmasters and researches everywhere find really useful. It also boasts a news platform which serves breaking web2.0 news and helps users keep track of their favourite websites by trailing them.

It is perhaps no coincidence that at the same time when Apple went to market with their new iPad Mini and Microsoft launched the new Windows8, SiteTrail also introduced some new channels. Users can now find free online courses as well as Web2.0 related jobs – which is popular amongst digital publishers, marketers and other web professionals, including designers and developers.

What is next for SiteTrail?
Analytics indicate a clear boom in the tablet market. would like to ensure that whether Windows users choose Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft surface RT or indeed the Samsung 7 slate series, or Apple users choose iPad 4, iPad mini other devices, that their user experience continues to serve great free services on whichever platform the market chooses. Users can look forward to continue research about their favourite websites using their favourite tablets via

The fact that SiteTrail attracts the right levels of corporate sponsorship and by partnering with Google Adsense and other industry leaders, enables to continue with the provision of great information services such as news, analysis, education and jobs at no charge to it’s users.

SiteTrail is the top website analysis platform and the most comprehensive source for breaking social media and technology news on the web. SiteTrail helps web enthusiasts keep track of their favorite websites.

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