3CK’s MetaphorCity Continues to Deliver a Positive Message in a Hip-hop Package

MetaphorCity is a one-stop shop for discounts on lyrical agility, cartons of cultural contemplations, and aisle of relational rhapsody. Many listeners compare 3CK’s unique style to one that resembles Eminem.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Winterville – - 3CK, Goshen, IN. recording artist, continues to deliver a positive message and inspiration through the Hip-hop genre with the release of his third solo album, MetaphorCity. 3CK, the stage name of William Frisbie draws from his multi-cultural life experiences to create a collection of thought provoking songs on positive, personal, and sometimes humorous themes. This album is musically diverse and just as the title suggests, the message in many of the songs are cloaked in metaphors waiting to be deciphered by the listener.

As an artist, Frisbie hopes that his Album resonates with fans of all walks of life. “This album was intended to inspire my listeners to think critically. Raps are great ways to tell stories, yet there are few out there who are telling good stories,” said Frisbie.

3CK stands for Third Culture Kid; a term that has been used to describe the phenomena that occurs when a child assimilates two different cultures resulting in his own third culture, never again to really fit either. For William, this is reflective of his own life. His family moved to Senegal, West Africa when William was 8 years old to serve as missionaries. Embracing the experience, William immersed himself in Senegalese culture and began picking up elements of the native language while spending many days on the sandy streets playing soccer with Senegalese children.

After moving back to the USA he began to develop a passion for dissecting and commenting on popular culture. The lyrics in 3CK’s original works became reflective of the artist’s multi-cultural life experience and brought to an audience in a hip-hop package.

William has since had the opportunity to share his music on many stages to a wide variety of listeners. In 2007, as 3CK, he released his first solo album Inspiration. Three more solo albums have followed including Daily Process, Puddles, and now, MetaphorCity.

William’s music is often regarded as being “real”, “inspiring”, and “humorous.” His cross-cultural view on life continuously inspires each original track. Titles on MetaphorCity include Pot Holes, Can’t Stop, Lyribatics iPray featuring Omogo and Maria, and Numb.

“My music is a combination of my personal history and beliefs as I work to entertain and inform in positive ways,” said Frisbie. “When I share my music, I share my life, I hope that my life might be one that impacts other lives.” Frisbie concluded.

For more information about 3CK, visit www.3CKonline.com; http://facebook.com/3ckid;
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