Dept. of Defense to review Energy Efficiency Technologies Presented By The Technology Consortium

The Technology Consortium will be detailing their energy efficiency technologies at Department of Defense energy

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Greenville, SC – As part of a major energy reduction initiative, The Technology Consortium, Ltd.(TTC) of Piedmont, SC has been asked to share a detailed presentation on energy efficiency to the Department of Defense (DoD). TTC will be highlighting their award winning HELP System and SPEED Series equipment at the energy fair being conducted by the DoD in Harrisburg, PA during the last week of October. Key Department of Defense personnel will be attending the energy fair as the US looks for initiatives to reduce energy consumption and spending. Because TTC’s energy efficiency technologies have proven to reduce energy consumption, the DoD and DoE have both requested that TTC present at the upcoming event.

One of the major energy costs to the DoD in their worldwide bases and facilities is for HVAC and related equipment. The HELP System is currently the only retrofit equipment capable of reducing this cost. The HELP System and SPEED Series equipment have been certified and proven to dramatically cut energy costs in thousands of international installations. The DoD is eager to prove similar energy efficiency results by conducting pilot installations. TTC is currently the exclusive source of this technology in North America.

The HELP System was selected by an industrial panel of experts as a 2010 Innovision Award winner in the “Small Enterprise” category. Following a similar technology review the Speed Series was recently selected as one of four finalists in the “Sustainability” category for 2012.

The Technology Consortium, Ltd is a design/engineering firm that has recently started offering this new energy efficiency equipment to the North American market. Following years of R&D effort by a major electronics firm, the technology has been perfected, tested, certified, and released to the industrial/commercial market. By combining two mature and accepted technologies, we have optimized the efficiency potential of both.

About The HELP System: The HELP System utilizes smart-microprocessor technology that is similar to systems utilized by other major HVAC manufacturers in their premium lines. However, the HELP System is currently the only retrofit equipment that will upgrade existing HVAC equipment to this new variable compressor technology without removing or replacing any existing components. The HELP System has been proven to reduce energy(kWh)consumption by 30-50% in actual industrial applications.

About The SPEED Series: The SPEED Series uses the same smart-microprocessor technology featured in the HELP System. The combining of this microprocessor with existing NASA technology has allowed users who could not vary the speed of their motors to enjoy an energy (kWh) consumption reduction of 15 to 25%.