New Product Safety Risk Assessment Workshop

Saint Louis University is introducing the first university level course for product safety managers in the risk assessment product hazard analysis field. The workshop takes place Feb. 4 & 5 at the University's John Cook School of Business. More info:

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – St. Louis, MO – SLU Center for Supply Chain Management Introduces New Risk Assessment Hazard Analysis Workshop

ST. LOUIS -- Saint Louis University’s Center for Supply Chain Management Studies will introduce the first risk assessment hazard analysis university-level workshop Monday, Feb. 4 and Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the University’s John Cook School of Business.

The instructor for the course is Don Moffett, a well-known product safety technical leader who holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from the University of Illinois.

Moffett has a product safety professional in a variety of industries for more than 15 years as well as an industry leader who served as the first chairman of the ASTM safety standards committee for children’s crib mattresses.

The course is designed for product designers and safety engineers, product safety and quality assurance professionals, product integrity managers, attorneys, and risk assessment personnel.

The workshop will include a safety process overview and analysis of data and sources of data for risk assessment purposes. Instruction will focus on foreseeable use of products, before moving into hazard identification for major areas of potential hazards including airway obstruction, mechanical/physical causes, other physical causes such as fire, thermal effects, electrical hazards, and chemical hazards. Included in the instruction are testing and production controls, as well as the relationship between risk assessment throughout the supply chain.

The workshop, which has been developed in cooperation with ADK Information Services, will take place at the John Cook School of Business on the Saint Louis University campus. Registration is available at or by calling the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies at (314) 977-3617.

Saint Louis University and the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies were recently recognized by the Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for ground-breaking work in university-level product safety management education.