Chrysler Introduces The Natural Gas Powered Pickup To US Consumers

Cumberland Chrysler will now be able to offer natural gas powered Ram pickups to consumers.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Cookevile, TN – Originally, Ram offered a natural gas powered option on its 2500 Heavy Duty pickup truck available only for fleet buyers who wanted a CNG (compressed natural gas) work vehicle. The truck was initially only intended to be sold to buyers in the natural gas industry who had a strong demand for one such product. However, demand for these CNG powered pickups has been strong among retail customers as they learn about the truck and its benefits. Peter Grady, VP of network development and fleet for Chrysler, stated, “The dealers have been asking for it, they’ve been clamoring, particularly in some of these places where you’re starting to get infrastructure.” While the infrastructure is still young and only partially available, there are a few states like California, Oklahoman, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania where it is more available. As the infrastructure and fueling stations become more common, Ram expects demand to only increase for CNG vehicles.
Ram executives believe that natural gas is an excellent alternative fuel that can be more cost effective for automakers and drivers alike. While admitting that electric powered hybrids and EVs are ideal, Grady also notes that “The electric technology just isn’t advanced, it’s not there, and there’s so much innovation that’s required to make it viable.” Perhaps in the future, once technology has improved and production costs go down for electric vehicles, they will be more viable. For now, however, Ram feels that natural gas is a convenient, simple, and more efficient alternative to gasoline.
The CNG powered Ram pickups make use of two fuel tanks. The main tank, a CNG storage tank, enables the truck to run for 255 miles before hitting empty. Since filling up with natural gas is just as fast and easy as filling up with gasoline, this will be sufficient for most drivers. However, if a driver runs out of natural gas, the truck switches over to an 8-gallon gasoline tank that can extend the range by up to 112 miles. Since CNG engines give off significantly less CO2 emissions and other pollutants, this really would be the best of both worlds. Having the convenience of a small gasoline tank and the efficiency of a primary natural gas tank, the truck would allow drivers to produce a smaller carbon footprint with very little sacrifice to their normal lifestyle.
Customers interested in CNG powered trucks can stop by Cumberland Chrysler in Cookeville, TN to learn more or visit our website at Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find a fuel efficient vehicle that suits your lifestyle.
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