The Canadian Anti-Corruption League Is Being Organized to Stop All Forms of Corruption at the Roots

Corruption is flourishing all over the globe and is affecting every aspect of our lives. The Canadian Anti-Corruption League (CACL) has been formed to prevent, reduce and stop corruption by addressing the fundamental causes of corruption.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – Niagara Falls, NY – 10/25/2012 – Canadian citizens who want to help and support the anti-corruption initiative are strongly encouraged to take part in this important effort. Rooting out corruption is no ordinary task. It involves political conflict and struggle. Nevertheless, by forming this committed group against corruption, it is earnestly hoped for that Canada will be free from the worst effects of corruption.
Canadian Anti-corruption League (CACL) main goals are to prevent and reduce existing corruption at all levels from the top of society down to small communities.

The league is facilitating the concerted efforts of committed citizens who will be on the lookout to identify all nefarious activities that lead to corruption. CACL will move forward with a determined spirit to restore and improve upon what has been lost in Canada…a greater sense of honor and integrity. CACL and its organizational partners are implementing a comprehensive plan to establish standards and principles that will serve as a basis for an honor code that all Canadians can accept and believe.

In order for the people to access updates and news that relate to this crucial effort CACL is establishing an online blogging system. The system includes news and articles that cover the issues pertaining to anti-corruption and allow visitors to comment and interact.

As people read and become familiar with the information on the CACL anti-corruption network, and learn more about CACL's programs it is expected that they will be moved to take action to help corruption from ruining Canadians' lives and those of future generations. We believe that “Corruption is allowed to flourish because people do not take action or are not effective enough.” The CACL blogging system, online network and online community will be the primary methods used to inform people, and gain their support and participation.

The Canadian Anti-Corruption League is committed to push forward its campaign until honor and integrity are a core aspect of all social communities. In addition, CACL and its partners will make a special effort to reduce ignorance and apathy in the fight against corruption. CACL is asking all Canadians to take action and join with us as reporters, fact-checkers, moderators and writers. Send us an email to