Building Brand Val "U"/ Brand Identity for Corporates

‘Corporate Flame’ is a new & unique ‘One-stop 24 Hr. Multi-media Design Shop’ being launched today, to provide Corporates a distinct identity or a Graphic “face” of their Business

Online PR News – 02-July-2009 – – For immediate release pl!

1st July’09: ‘Corporate Flame’ is a new & unique ‘one-stop multi-media design shop’ being launched today, to provide Corporates a distinct identity, with the objective being as the tagline says: ‘From Flicker to Flame…we take you to Fame!’
What’s so unique then about ‘Corporate Flame’? Just having a look at our website: will answer this!
Simply put…From a Ray to a Rage, From a Flare to a Burst, From a Spark to a Blaze,
From a Flash to a Fume…That's just to modestly say what we're capable of doing!

From a FLICKER to a FLAME...We'll take you to FAME! Building your Brand Val ‘U’…Right from your Basic Concept, starting with the design of your Logo,
(including re-designing of your logos & other identities) to the creation of your Business Cards, Stationery, Brochures & Corporate Presentations (Multi-media, Flash, PPT etc) right to your Web Designing, SEM/SEO & More…Corporate Flame is a One-Stop Multi-Media Design Shop, set up to cater to the urgent, professional & creative needs of Corporate identities in India & Abroad!
90% of lasting impressions are created in the first 90 seconds. It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This holds good for any company’s marketing materials as well. A new customer can take several pieces of information from their first glance of the marketing material, and this impression can make that big difference between whether they would want to read the rest of the materials or just decide to dump it aside!
“That’s where we come in…We’ll create that so very important first impression!
Give us your concept-We’ll build a Corporate Identity–A Graphic “face” of your business. In short we’ll understand your brand differentiator(s) & then help reflect that differentiation to increase credibility & memorability….” is what one of the Directors- Gerard Assey had to say

Blazing louder than our words is our teams’ combined work experience of 50+ years, handling a variety of customers including from International Markets, to take you: ONWARD. FORWARD. UPWARD!
The ‘Articles of Interest’ section will make good educative reading on the importance of having an identity & branding of one’s products.
As a Special Introductory Launch Offer valid till the 15th of August 2009 only, we are offering all Corporates that avail of any of our services a 25% discount (never before-never again!) on our regular rates!

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