The Quilt Pattern Shoppe Has a New Look

The Quilt Pattern Shoppe is an online quilt pattern store offering many immediate for-download patterns as well as patterns you can purchase and receive in the mail from a diverse and talented group of designers.

Online PR News – 26-October-2012 – UT – October 23, 2012 – The Quilt Pattern Shoppe has a new website design. Customers have been raving about the new features and layout that make it so much easier to find quilt patterns. The new site has numerous categories that organize patterns by sizes, styles, techniques, skill levels, types, seasons, occasions and more.

Block of the Month

One of the most popular new features is the “Block of the Month” category. Each month, QPS features one specific pattern on this page. Then, they take that one pattern, and give users numerous ideas for quilting beautiful items with the pattern.

The October 2012 Block of the Month is the “Floral Fantasy” pattern. The creative quilt designers at QPS use this pattern to show users how to create nine different designs with it:

1. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design – This is an 82" x 94", full-sized quilt. It comes in strips that are easily pieced together to create the full quilt when completed.

2. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Set of 8 – This is full set of 8 pieces needed to complete the entire quilt above. You can also complete the quilt in portions by buying each section, one at a time, using Stripe 2-8 below.

3. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 2 – This is a section of the floral fantasy pattern that features butterflies and black-eyed Susans. Features scraps for the leaves, stems, vines, flowers and the flower center.

4. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 3 – Another section of the featured pattern. This section includes the buds and hollyhock flowers. Also, includes scraps needed for leaves, blossom ends, stems, vine, flowers and flower stamen.

5. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 4 – This section adds the spring violets to the completed pattern. You can add purple, lavender or yellow violets to your quilt with these pieces. It includes everything needed for the flowers, plus white floss needed for embroidering custom-made markings on your violets.

6. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 5 – Use this section to add daylilies to your customized quilt. It comes with items needed to make embroider french knots for your daylilly petals, and for stitching your stamens.

7. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 6 – This section of the quilt pattern adds sprays of leaves, foliage and beautiful roses to your project. Includes pieces to add dark pink roses with a yellow flower center.

8. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 7 – This stripe pattern adds the elegance of an iris flower to your quilt. You can choose the shade of purple you like best for your iris. You can also add a touch of yellow for embroidering details on the iris petals.

9. Floral Fantasy Cottage Quilt Design Stripe 8 – Using this pattern, you can stitch unique clusters of trumpet vine flowers in an exciting red color. It also includes what you need to add cluster of leaves on the vine and yellow stamens on the ends of the trumpets.

QPS Celebrates Autumn with Quilts

The Quilt Pattern Shoppe's new website design also has a seasonal category. In the spirit of October, they're celebrating the Autumn season by offering customers discounts on their Fall Season products. The Halloween celebration sale offers all online customers a 10% discount on items featured in their Autumn Collection. The collection features various quilt pattern designs celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall harvests, back-to-school, autumn wreaths, and more. The 10% off Autumn sale ends on October 31, 2012.

Written by: Kiesha Joseph.

Kiesha is a website content writer for TQPS provides high-quality quilt patterns and materials for quilters everywhere.
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