Kognitive Marketing: Guaranteed Cost-Effective

Kognitive Marketing is a Toronto event marketing agency that specializes in experiential marketing, a hands-on approach that delivers excellent results. For more information, please visit their Web site.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Toronto, ON – Experiential marketing is a relatively recent approach to advertising that uses a “hands-on” style in order to spread a client’s branding message. Despite some “buzz,” the benefits of experiential marketing are not as familiar to clients as they should be. Experiential marketing is similar to event marketing. The goal is to create events or circumstances that involve potential consumers in one-on-one situations with the product or brand, in order to create a connection with real immediacy. This immediacy lends potency to the brand association.

Kognitive Marketing is a Toronto experiential marketing firm that recruits, trains, and staffs personnel for experiential marketing campaigns. Once Kognitive has assembled a trained team, they turn them loose to achieve the client’s goals though carefully organized events and demonstrations designed to make a positive and enticing impression.

Kognitive Marketing has developed an in-house five-step process intended to increase sales by overcoming customer objections and getting them to commit in the moment. Kognitive is so certain in its approach that they guarantee that the cost-per-acquisition of the pilot project will be lower than the targeted costs. If it is higher, Kognitive will refund the difference.

The company’s willingness to ensure cost-effective results demonstrates its commitment and its belief that its approach is a fruitful one. The list of clients that have put their trust in Kognitive includes Rogers Wireless, Canadian Tire, Virgin Music, and Scotiabank, all of which had positive marketing experiences with Kognitive-staffed experiential marketing efforts.

Driving intent to purchase is one of the key factors in experiential marketing, and this is done by interacting with the public rather than simply pushing out a message and hoping it reaches fertile ears. This increases brand awareness, but then goes beyond it, with the goal of getting sales on the spot. In order for a potential customer to build a relationship with a brand, they have to meet; in a way, Kognitive acts like a dating service that makes sure to introduce them on positive terms.

Experiential marketing is not necessarily a replacement for traditional broadcast advertising; it has a more targeted approach that can complement such efforts, while succeeding in its own right. Experiential marketing seeks to connect brands with likely consumers rather than the public at large, and so Kognitive creates appealing experiences to make that happen.

If you want to achieve similar benefits, contact Kognitive Marketing and ask about their guarantee.