ZilicusPM 5.0 Launched: Unveils Online Project Meeting Manager

ZilicusPM Launches "Online Meeting Manager", the most unique feature amongst project management tools in the industry. It helps team in to manage managing meeting information, also enhances team engagement and collaboration for informed decision in ZilicusPM 5.0

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Houston, Texas – Houston, TX– Oct 25, 2012 – Zilicus Solutions , a leading provider of online project management software announced launch of ZilicusPM 5.0 that introduces online meeting manager along with highly informative and social media like user interface and advance project scheduling methods.

“Today, project team members are overwhelmed with number of project activities – tasks, meetings, issues, risks, documents, timesheet and so on; it results in missed deadlines. In turn not just project delivery suffers but team’s morale also turns down”, said Nagin, co-founder of Zilicus. “ZilicusPM project management software, brings clear visibility, more transparency and accountability to project teams and equips them for better work management”

■ Online Meeting Manager (http://zilicus.com/tour/Project-Collaboration/ )
Addressing the pain areas:

Meetings are inevitable part of project planning and delivery. Most important decisions related to projects are made during these meetings. However project managers are frustrated with organizing and managing meeting information because

● It becomes painful to track all emails related to meeting like tracking meetings schedule, keeping log of what was discussed, recording action items pointed out in a meeting, tracking progress of all these action items; most of these lists get lost in emails and spreadsheets.
● Not everyone gets latest copy of meeting agenda (MoM) or action items hence miscommunication is not infrequent, forget about being able track all these
● Essentially, there is no central place to view all meetings, minutes of meeting, action items.

ZilicusPM relieves user from the stressful process of organizing meeting information. For the first time in main-stream project management software, ZilicusPM has introduced Online Meeting Manager, unique solution of its kind.

How does ZilicusPM help?

ZilicusPM helps in organizing project meetings, share meeting agenda, send calendar events along with notification emails, record & share minutes of meetings, create action items, track & update action items, all at one place. Users can

● Schedule a meeting, send a calendar invite to participants
● Distribute meeting agenda, record minutes of meeting (MoM)
● Create action items, set due date & assign to project team
● Distribute minutes of meeting & action items to attendees
● Users will have a central place for all project meetings

The meeting event will appear in Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, IBM Lotus Calendar and most of the email/calendar clients that users may use. This feature has been received very enthusiastically by its existing customers.

Along with meeting manager ZilicusPM has also redesigned its user interface; it offers advanced project scheduling features, co-branding capability and other enhancements.

■ Informative & engaging user interface
ZilicusPM application user interface is designed to be highly engaging, it informs team members precisely about project activities pending on their name - be it task, issue and risk or action item. It is designed to be incredibly simple to use and quick to update. In most cases, team members can update status of project activities from home page itself without having to access project workspace.

■ Co-branding
ZilicusPM customers can now leverage co-branding feature to display their own company logo in ZilicusPM application along with ZilicusPM. So users of customer organizations will be able to see their own company’s logo when they will login to ZilicusPM.

■ Advanced project planning - Critical Path Method & Schedule Baseline
Using ZilicusPM, users can identify all tasks which are on critical path such that a change in schedule of these activities can impact the final delivery date of the project. Also, changes to project schedule can be compared with baseline schedule using Gantt chart view.

Trusted by users in more than forty countries, ZilicusPM has emerged as the top-most choice for project and program managers because of the feature-richness and incredible performance. Customers have highly appreciated ZilicusPM for simplifying project management processes and fanatical support.

About Zilicus

Zilicus Solutions is a technology company that offers Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) based collaborative software. Its online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative project management to improve team performance. By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives. To sign up for 30-day free trial (https://projects.zilicus.com/Signup.jsp), view product information (http://www.zilicus.com/), or take a product tour (http://www.zilicus.com/tour/) please visit http://www.zilicus.com/